Heroes of 2022

It time to once again to look back at the heroes that have joined in the fight for the city in 2022. Here a list of heroes that arrived for review.

  • King Triton
  • Anna
  • Flik
  • Hopper
  • Pete
  • Bagheera
  • Kaa
  • The Underminer
  • The Horned King
  • Namaari
  • Pacha
  • Voyd
  • Snow White
  • Daisy Duck
  • Princess Aurora
  • Prince Phillip
  • Duff Killigan
  • Milo Thatch
  • Audrey Ramirez
  • Mother Gothel
  • Agent P
  • 22
  • Meilin Lee
  • The Mayor
  • Quasimodo
  • Mayor Belleweither
  • Cinderella

Not many as last year since they discontinued the sign-in heroes. But we have got some that many have longed for. So out of all of these heroes which one was the best? The worst? The most surprising? The most exciting? Your favorite to use?

With this many heroes. Who knows what heroes will arrive in 2023 as the new year draws ever closer. :clinking_glasses:


I don’t play anymore but Perry and Horned King were certainly unexpected.

Anna was also long overdue

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The best- Anna
The worst- The Horned King
The most surprising- Agent P
The most exciting- Meilin Lee
Favorite to use- Mother Gothel


Not nerfed version, Cinderella, so if she’ll be back it’ll be her.
With her nerfed, Quasimodo

Underminer. A damager that doesn’t do damage, that’s all
I don’t see her brought up much but also Voyd tbh. Her only niche usage I can think of doesn’t even work properly

Agent P for sure!

Also Agent P



Best: Bagheera
Worst:The Horned King
Most Surprising: Duff Killigan
Most Exciting: Quasimodo
Favorite to use: Meilen Lee

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Idk, I’ll try to group characters. Sort of a tier list. From my personal excitement, no objective power.

S-tier (my absolute favourires)
-Mother Gothel

A-tier (still pretty exciting)
-The Horned King
-The Underminer

B-tier (great additions IMO, even if less exciting)
-Prince Phillip
-Duff Killigan
-Meilin Lee
-Princess Aurora
-Agent P

C-tier (no strong feelings)
-Daisy Duck
-King Triton
-Audrey Ramirez
-Mayor Bellwether

D-tier (not my type of toons)
-Milo Thatch
-The Mayor

F-tier (at least others are happy)
-Snow White

Sad to say that my A-tiers are mostly weak, but S-tiers do not disappoint.
My personal shoutout to Princess Aurora. I just love the idea of herself being absolutely useless while the fairies do all the job.

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Are new Disney heroes coming in 2023

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Yes. Just wait. You ask this all the time.

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  • The best heroes: Pete, Pacha, Meilin Lee, Quasimodo
  • The most surprising: Duff Kilingan
  • The most exciting: Pacha, Agent P, 22, Quasimodo
  • Favourite to use: Pacha
  • And the funniest: Flik, Bagheera, The Underminer, Voyd, Daisy Duck, 22, Meilin Lee

By the way, I will be doing an elimination game about the 2022 Heroes, do keep a lookout for it! I am currently running one about the movies of the recent years

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Best - 22
Worst - Voyd
Surprising - Agent P
Most exciting - Anna
Favourite to use - Quite a few (Agent P, Meilin, Daisy Duck, 22, Anna). There’s a list in here very interesting in skill set

Best hero releases - favourite:

  1. Agent P
  2. Duff Killigan
  3. Meilin Lee
  4. Horned King
  5. 22

Most powerful releases:

  1. Meilin Lee
  2. Bagheera
  3. Quasimodo

Worst hero releases - least liked:

  1. Underminer
  2. King Triton
  3. Flik/Hopper
  4. Anna

Weakest releases:

  1. Underminer
  2. Horned King
  3. Anna

Most suprising heroes:
- Agent P
- Meilin Lee
- Duff Killigan
Your fv to use:
- Agent P
- Duff Killigan
- Snow White
- 22

I always put Perry to the “Top” :trophy:

- [Definitely it’s them :eyes:]
- a any Cat or Rabbit (Idk, Lunar Year 2023 is Cat/Rabbit)
- Boun, Tòng, Noi & Ongis
- Jake Wilkinson
- Max Goof
- Kuzco


My faves are Bagheera, Duff Killigan, Mother Gothel, and Meilin Lee.

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Behold, the DHBMinator!!


Out of my Top 10 most wanted list from the beginning of the year, I got six of them (Anna, Flik, Hopper, Horned King, Agent P, and Quasimodo). Pretty good!

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Are heroes coming in 2023

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You’re seriously going to ignore the answer I gave you when you asked this question earlier?


The best

The worst

The most surprising

The most exciting
Meilin Lee

Favorite to use
Mother Gothel

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The best? Quasimodo and Cinderella

The worst? Easily Underminer

The most surprising? The Mayor or Agent P. Never thought we’d get Agent P, and Mayor still feels like an odd choice.

The most exciting? Mother Gothel

My favorite? Mother Gothel

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For my best and worst, I’m mainly judging it based on how happy I was the character got added to the game and not how good they are in the game.

Best/Most Exciting/Favorite to Use: Pete

Pete is my favorite of the Mickey Mouse characters alongside Goofy mainly due to the fantastic and often hilarious voice work Jim Cummings provides to him, and I think he’s a character who more than earns his spot on the roster with being the primary enemy of Disney’s mascot, as well as the first Disney villain and oldest-made Disney character that the company still uses today and the average person would recognize. As a big Pete fan, I was ecstatic when he got added and thankfully, he’s also pretty good in the game with his high damage and reflect removal. Plus, his green skill and victory animations are two of my favorite animations in the game.

For the most part, I think this year was pretty solid in terms of either adding characters I like and/or characters that made sense to be in the game. Some honorable mentions for characters this year I also really liked are Bagheera, Kaa, Flik, Hopper, Pacha, and Quasimodo.

Worst/Most Surprising: Voyd

Let’s be honest, how many people were begging for this character to be added or really even remember this character in the first place? I’m sure she has her fans and I will give Voyd credit that she is an unusual character to see appear in the game, but that’s about all I can say. She adds an extra spot on the roster to a series that already has a ton of characters that I feel should have gone to a series with no/few characters, and I never really see anyone talk about her or use her in the game. Objectively, not a bad addition, but not one I’m a big fan of. Some other dishonorable mentions would be the Underminer, Duff Killigan, and Bellwether. The first two mostly fall into the same issues as her but are more memorable than her, and Bellwether is one of my least favorite Disney villains and not a character I personally enjoy.

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