Heroes Refresh ideas

He doesn’t have any, actually…

Fixed. IMO, he’s as bad as Kim.

I’m trying to go through that one right now. They just HAD to put Miguel, someone who can constantly heal his allies, as an enemy in that cam-pain…

Don´t forget Hades :wink: (He doesn´t need a refresh, he appears in Joy - Olaf campaign)

What about Kim?

Already done by Musk.

Mike Refresh

Not much to tell, bad stats, poor HP, yet the red skill is great but just doesn’t carry him enough to make him brilliant.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 100%
  • HP increased by 120%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%


Sonic Belch

  • Damage increased by 150%
  • This skill now increases the remaining duration of Scare on enemies by 5 seconds
  • Increased speed of the animation by 50%

Canister Toss

  • This skill now deals fantastic damage - 5M at R18
    • Because, seriously, such big canister should do damage and not just immediately disappear
  • Increased duration of scare to 10 seconds
  • This skill now always scare all enemies

On A Roll

  • Damage increased by 700%
  • This skill now removes reality from enemies for 10 seconds - 500k at R18

Fight Or Fright

  • Increased duration of stun to 5 seconds
  • Mike now ignores evasion and tenacity on scared enemies

Let It Roll

  • Mike now gains 10 seconds of invincibility, 5 Hardy stacks and cleans all active debuffs when he reaches 1 HP
  • Increased by 50% armor, max HP and damage to ‘‘Sonic Belch’’

Sulley & Boo Disk

  • Increased skill power by 500%
  • Increased energy to 40 per star
  • This disk now increases damage dealt by Mike to stunned enemies by 10% per star

Jack-Jack Disk

  • Increased basic damage by 800%
  • Increased attack speed to 10% per star
  • This disk now increases fantastic crit and reality negation on Mike and allies by 6 per star

Future badges: Fantastic crit, reality negation and evasion


Scrooge McDuck Refresh

Judy needs to wait… because the new episode of DuckTales premiere today, and how to celebrate it? With creating the requested Scrooge refresh concept, the best time to do it.

Scrooge might be rich in gold, but definitely not in his stats and damage. Despite dealing only fantastic damage his stats are only helping normal damage (armor negation and normal crit), it doesn’t help him even in basic attacks as the stats are really low. His HP also needs a bit of boost, the same as the mentioned damage. He is left behind with his main aim - damage, because new heroes do it much better and his own stats are just mean to him.

The Refresh

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 100%
  • HP increased by 60%


Coin Collection

  • To passive: For each coin on the battlefield, Scrooge McDuck gains X skill power, he keeps 30% of the skill power after the uses of ‘‘Coin Collection’’
  • Damage of each coin increased by 50%
  • Each coin now also removes reality from enemies

Working Overtime

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • Cooldown of the skill reduced to 10 seconds
  • This skill now applies 2 stacks of fatigue to damaged enemies if on the battlefield is 20 coins

Flying Fortune

  • Damage increased by 100%
  • This skill now stuns enemies for 8 seconds

Money to be Made

  • Healing increased by 50%
  • For every 10th coin collected Scrooge gains 2 stacks of Hardy

Pile 'o Gold

  • For each coin collected Scrooge gains now also 10 crit damage, up to X
    • The cap starts from 180 and increases by 1 per skill level
  • When Scrooge now damages an enemy with stacks of Fatigue the coin bounces to the nearby enemy, duplicating all the Fatigue stacks from the first target and applying them to the second target, this deals basic attack damage to both enemies
    • Removed old bonus: ‘‘If Scrooge McDuck’s basic attack hits an enemy who is disabled, his basic attack will bounce to a nearby enemy, dealing damage to them instead.’’
  • Replaced stat boost which increased damage from ‘‘Working Overtime’’ to bonus fantastic crit
    • Fantastic crit starts from 200 and increases by 1 per skill level
  • Increased by 50% basic damage and skill power

Hercules Disk

  • Increased damage of each coin by 50%
  • This disk now grants Scrooge skill power (~300k at level 185)
  • This disk now removes reality from stunned enemies (~1M at level 185)
  • This disk now stuns all types of enemies, not only damage-role enemies
    • Increased duration of stun to 3 seconds per star

Huey, Dewey, & Louie Disk

  • Complete re-work of this disk
  • This disk now grants Scrooge skill power (~1M at level 185)
  • This disk now grants Scrooge basic damage (~1M at level 185)
  • This disk now heals Scrooge and allies per coin on the battlefield per second (~150k at level 185)
  • This disk now increases the energy gain of Scrooge and damage-role allies by 7% per star

Future badges: Armor and Reality negation, Crit Damage, Improved Healing


Why are you making all examples of stats amount for lvl 185?:thinking:

It’s the current max level.

What server are you on?

Because on first 12 servers max level is 230

185 as the max level for disks…

And S1 have max level 225.

Oh, now I got it

Awesome :ok_hand:

What about increasing coins from blue skill a bit?

11 coins is enough, definitely with the speed-up from red skill.

Ohh. Yeah. For some reason I was convinced they were 7 :sweat_smile:


Too high. I’d reduce it to 10 or 12.

There is no cap, though…

There is… as long as I’ve played him after using active with the big pile, it doesn’t disappear, it changes to medium one, and as long wakkatu is correct, Scrooge can collect 5 coins.

And there isn’t a mention how much SP for passive.

No, 20 coins is the amount needed for a big pile. The coins should still be able to collect.

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