He's a towel

(Disclaimer: this unlikely concept is based off south park, a adult cartoon show that is known for things i cannot talk about here…so don’t worry i’ll try to keep this as PG as possible…thank you)

2 star, mid-line, control

Bio:towelie chills out while slowing down enemies

Quote:“you’re a towel”

Basic attack:towelie smokes a cigarette, which gives him 50 energy for every one smoked

Entrance:walks in

Victory:he gives a thumbs up

Defeat:he falls down on his face


White:fire in the hole

Passive:when a close-ranged enemy attacks Towelie, that enemy slows down for 20 seconds.

Active:towelie pulls out his lighter and a small fan which blows the fire towards enemies, damaging them for x amount and effects them with “burning”.when enemies are effected by “burning”, their attack power slowly decreases.

Green:high as a kite

At the start of each wave, towelie plants some flaming…grass…(yeah lets say that) in which when a enemy steps on the grass, it heals towelie for x amount and slows down the enemies that steps on the grass.

Blue:bring a towel

Towelie lays on the ground which makes him untargetable for 15 seconds.

Purple:good stuff

Towelie now puts 3 more piles of flaming grass on the battlefield.

Red:super absorbant

When hit by a projectile, towelie absorbs it and heals himself for x amount


Good vibes
Towelie now gains more attack speed

Towelie now gains 100% attack speed

Swimming in the deep
Absorbing now shields towelie

“Super absorbing” now shields towelie for x amount

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