House of Mouse Remake

With so many movies come out since House of Mouse aired last, i would not be surprised if they made a remake of the 2001 show.

I picture it like this, along with Mickey and his friends working there, several other disney chharacter would work or perform there as well. With each episode, taking a page from The Muppet Show, they a either a real-life celebrity, whether it is a actor, comedian, dancer, musician, ventriloquist, etc. would come to the night-club as a guest star.

I want to hear your thoughts on this. Should they have a House of Mouse remake like this?

Can you please stop with topics for a while? This is your 265th topic.

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I can say that would prefer no real people in a House of Mouse remake, overall would prefer the House of Mouse remake to be completely animated and in classic-ish animation style or like “The Three Caballeros” style or similar.

While I wouldn’t necessarily mind as much animated versions of the real people, but I think that would look relatively weird, so likely best not maybe to go in that direction though.

And yeah, it is fine that you post topics, what they mean is just that you take some more time between each big topic post posting :-).

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This is like Toon’s 265th topic :grimacing:

The amount of topics isn’t really the issue, it is more so the time between them, like at the rate they are posted as people don’t have time to regain their interest for the next one.



Yes. I would like to see it as a reboot. That would be great.

I’m worried a remake would end up like P&F Take Two…

Have ya heard the phrase “Don´t fix what´s not broken”?

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Let’s not. Having real life guest stars in House Of Mouse just sounds wrong.

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