How about you revert Jessie's nerf?

She’s non-existent so far, you know, because normal damage, megatons of armor from Baymax and curses.

I actually know you won’t, don’t bother.

This isn’t Jessie’s nerf. But she may be affected by charaters like that.

I know, really.

This is:

Her healing feels fine, she could do with a bump to Reality though - hoping it comes with O3 badges.

She is great at O2 with the buzz disk. I use her regularly to counter Ursula.

Don’t cry over this 5%, it’s nothing.

Why everyone moan about nerfs while they are not effective and stupid, still don’t understand why PB decide to nerf YAX at update 1.1


I had a huge dilemma about disk choices for Jessie since Aladdin came.

And i still have the feeling that it’s much better to put Aladdin in team than to put some effort into that disk. But is it?

But then, Jessie rly was irrelevant for a huge time before curse nerfs. And still, is it even worth to use her in frontline when we have very strong alternatives.

1.1 was pretty much the start of the game, with more effort put into balance. And Yax in these days was actually good. Now he won’t make it even with buffs. Whatever.

is it’s nothing, why can’t it be done?
And there is some logic in nerfs. Nowadays they nerf heroes 70% of playerbase has. Quorra was getting worse while being outplayed by Scar and Baymax, now she can hardly pass through Moana’s shields.

Why dont We Nerf one of YOUR favourite characters and tell you - Oh its only 5% :thinking:


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