How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


I’ve been trying to update. My profile here on discourse forum and can’t seem to. On other forums (DS) I have always been able to. Up load a picture or have a list of pictures to choose from. Could someone explain? Or do I just need a certain badge to do so or what?


It is impossivle to change your picture. End of discussion.

You are gonna be stu ck as an umbrella forever. I get to be balloons.


Thank you for being direct & to the point. lol


I’m nagging and hoping they enable the function to change it too! I hate this pig :tired_face:


I wish I can change it. But i’m fine with dis pic already. :relieved:


I am definitely not fine with mine


Yeah, my name is kinda pointless without the Bella Notte badge as my avatar.


I’m a plate of spaghetti… Seriously!!!..


Oh yeah? How’d you like them apples? (Okay, apparently mine isn’t an apple, it’s a cherry bomb. Who knew?)



Balloons are not my first choicr but at least I can escape cuz I always have a plan :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry, but I have to boo you for that one. BOOOOOO!!


Don’t disrespect the spaghetti. Just disrespect the party dinosaur.


I am a cookie, and not a complete one too. :frowning:


I think mine is pretty fitting considering how often I’m on the forum :crazy_face:


XD you guys are crazy :upside_down_face:


I wonder why we can’t up load our own picture?Some of us don’t mind showing our own face. (Well I guess they have their reasons.) However On other forums we did have that feature and never had a problem. At least on the game I have a “Discarded Tiara” for a crown!


Looks like somebody took a bite out a you! And me with this umbrella? I guess I ought to be Mary Poppins? lol


What is it? A cork screw? No for real what is it? You said a pick at first glance I thought it was like Thor’s hammer. But on closer inspection it looks like it has threads like a screw or corkscrew.


I think it’s a thingamabob or a doohickey.


Yes, it is some corkscrew thing called the thingamabob. All I know is dat dis avatar is a Little Mermaid reference badge.