How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


I’ve been trying to update. My profile here on discourse forum and can’t seem to. On other forums (DS) I have always been able to. Up load a picture or have a list of pictures to choose from. Could someone explain? Or do I just need a certain badge to do so or what?

Update 1.8 Patch Notes

It is impossivle to change your picture. End of discussion.

You are gonna be stu ck as an umbrella forever. I get to be balloons.


Thank you for being direct & to the point. lol


I’m nagging and hoping they enable the function to change it too! I hate this pig :tired_face:


I wish I can change it. But i’m fine with dis pic already. :relieved:


I am definitely not fine with mine


Yeah, my name is kinda pointless without the Bella Notte badge as my avatar.


I’m a plate of spaghetti… Seriously!!!..


Oh yeah? How’d you like them apples? (Okay, apparently mine isn’t an apple, it’s a cherry bomb. Who knew?)



Balloons are not my first choicr but at least I can escape cuz I always have a plan :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry, but I have to boo you for that one. BOOOOOO!!


Don’t disrespect the spaghetti. Just disrespect the party dinosaur.


I am a cookie, and not a complete one too. :frowning:


I think mine is pretty fitting considering how often I’m on the forum :crazy_face:


XD you guys are crazy :upside_down_face:


I wonder why we can’t up load our own picture?Some of us don’t mind showing our own face. (Well I guess they have their reasons.) However On other forums we did have that feature and never had a problem. At least on the game I have a “Discarded Tiara” for a crown!


Looks like somebody took a bite out a you! And me with this umbrella? I guess I ought to be Mary Poppins? lol


What is it? A cork screw? No for real what is it? You said a pick at first glance I thought it was like Thor’s hammer. But on closer inspection it looks like it has threads like a screw or corkscrew.


I think it’s a thingamabob or a doohickey.


Yes, it is some corkscrew thing called the thingamabob. All I know is dat dis avatar is a Little Mermaid reference badge.