How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


Y did everyone rush to 1.8 patch notes?

Because of the attractive comments!

Hahahahaha! I’m so original :sunglasses:


I mustache you a question :woman_shrugging:t3: (Not funny)


No, dat was pretty good.


It was incomplete…

I mustache you a question but I will shave it for later :wink:


:sweat_smile: At least I’ve got you to make it right.


@Wendy_Darling_II. I “mustache” you an environmental question!

Will you help me “shave” the :whale2: :whale: whales?


All these jokes are making me RED with anger and seeing WHITE SPOTS! Jk love them. Keep ‘em coming. These jokes keep me GROUNDED (because mushroom grow on the ground? Eh you get it).


Did u guys hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?

He was just going through a stage!

Hahahahaha! Bu dum tss :drum:


Wot do u call a alligator with a good sense of direction?

A navi-gator!

bu dum tss :drum:


What do you call a bad joke teller?

Either DroneIX or TheSpaghettiKing. Take your pick :wink:

Unless you prefer a shovel?? :wink:


R u saying I’m bad?! I got most of these jokes from the internet & a joke book! XD

No seriously, its true I got them from these 2 sources. So, blame those lol. :joy:


A shovel might be a little better. As long as it COULD POP A FEW BALLOONS! POP :balloon: :confetti_ball:
POP :balloon: :confetti_ball: POP :balloon: :confetti_ball: POP :balloon: :confetti_ball: WOW I COULD MAKE POP CORN! :corn: starts a :fire: fire under the shovel


Don’t cry @DroneIX I popped that bunch of peskey Ballons that has been picking on you! lol (You know, I wouldn’t have popped Ballons unless they deserved it!) However (Secretly my Gole in life, is to Pop Ballons!)


So many mistakes in spelling…makes me wanna crawl under a rock :wink:

Don’t be so hard on me…I just cannot help it.

Granite I should be able to but…I cannot.


This might be a little late, but “OUTCH” That was the wurst yet!


What did the pasta mayor say after the war against the RAMEN forces?

It’ll take a pretty PENNE to fix up this ZITI!


What do you call a hypocrite in a forum?
Champion David!
Seriously calling us bad joke tellers while telling a poorly told joke! Just pointing it out, not to offend you.


This is still going? Looollll kudos


I was just teasing yall that is why there was a winking face :wink:


Isnt this whole thing humerous??