How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


@Champion_David Yeah, Humerous as in real PUNny!


I’ll give up when :pig::money_with_wings:


But you’re a fabulous unicorn! WITH SPARKLES.


I’m too hateful to like sparkles :frowning:


Yes it absolutely tickles my bones.


am I the only who thinks the unicorn looks kinda evil??


How about u brighten up my dude. :wink:


Yo it’s the pig that flies again


@Rin_the_Hateful Nobody could ever tame the Stallion :unicorn: unicorn because that Beast was Just “Horn to be Wild”


A limerick, dedicated to @Cat_Sass

“One day I did see a swine jig
And on top of the sow was a wig
The crowd did reward
The boar name of lord
Never was there quite a pig!”


@Mermaid_Alice Why did the Xylophone pick a fight?
They had a bone to pick!

Also what do you call a PUNny Bone?

A Humerus!


Wot a booutiful limerick @The_Eavesdropper.


Why does it remind me of Charlotte 's web??


@Champion_David Ya think? Yeah now that you mention it. It does sound kinda like Charlotte’s Web!


@Rin_the_Hateful I thought you might like what @discobot gave me! :innocent:


Oh yeah, loved the tutorial xD


Yes me too! It’s lots of fun.


You know, i xannot think of any pony for your Avatar @Rin_the_Hateful


@Rin_the_Hateful I got a couple for your avatar.

First - What do :unicorn: Unicorns do when it rains?
They “GET WET” :grin:

Second - What bow can’t be tied?

A “Rainbow”

Third - What’s at the end of the :rainbow: rainbow?

The “W” is at the end of the word “Rainbow”

Fourth & This one is for me! :grin:
What goes up when the rain comes down?

Of course an :open_umbrella: “Umbrella” :slight_smile:

Have a great day & thanks for reading!


I don’t get it
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