How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


Me neither actually. I thought I was the only one…



You guys are something else!

@The_Eggsdropper & @Champion_David

What does any creature that lives outside do when it rains?

They “GET WET”

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Yeah, I have no idea.

Until I read @Queen_Kate’s reply.

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Sounds very exciting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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…I’m srry, wot now? :sweat:

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What else should I expect today since it is March the 15th aka the (Ides of March)

Et tu, Brute? Or “Even you Brutus” @DroneIX



I liked that response! However very unsuspected! But yeah lol! Nice one!

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I like it dat u started a comedy club here! And Jokes & Puns r very lit :ok_hand:

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I’m more confused on dis one. :neutral_face:

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Um ok what??

Uh…so where is the pun?? Some times I am very slow… :neutral_face:



@Champion_David have you ever heard of a riddle? Not a joke or a pun, just a riddle! Duh? :balloon::confetti_ball: Pop :balloon::confetti_ball: Pop!



YOU were the third-person in a row to state you didn’t get it. After @Champion_David and @The_Eggsdropper I had to break it down to its lowest terms. It just so happened to be 3/15 the ides of march the date attributed to Cesar being attacked. So quite naturally being attacked by all three of you guys because nether of you understood a riddle. I drew a parallel between the date & being attacked and since @DroneIX 's avatar could resemble a weapon I said “Even you Brutus”? As if to say even you didn’t get it my friend? Remember Brutus was Cesar’s best friend & gave him the final blow. Now enough with Shakespeare! You guys don’t get riddles & you don’t get Shakespeare ok ok I get it!!! I’ll try to keep the bar a little lower from now on.
Class is over. Have a nice day & thanks for reading :upside_down_face:

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In our defense, that wasn’t a very good one. “Unicorn” could be replaced with literally anything that takes up space. What do quantum physics textbooks do when it rains? They get wet! Capitalizing and adding quotes also added to the confusion. Can you please try to use proper grammar for your riddles next time?



No No & No how you of all people gonna tell someone how to speak? You got your nerve. lol now that really was a funny joke! Proper grammar Indeed! You said in “Our defense” what do you have a couple of mice in your pocket? lol another funny joke! If you can’t take a joke or in this case a riddle? Well you just need to let it be. Time is draining have a nice day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Pun Intended



First of all, I asked you, not told you, to try to write decent posts so they aren’t a pain to read anymore. Second, you said you were being “attacked” by me, DroneIX, and David. So, I spoke in defense for me and them. Finally, calling what I said a “joke” is immature. I wasn’t trying to insult you, I was trying to point out some things to you.



I think you are blowing things way out of proportion! And calling people names like illiterate is also against the guidelines of this forum. I again say if you don’t like a riddle or a joke or a Pun you should just leave it alone everyone dosent like the same things. Also the riddle wasn’t even written to either one of you guys Ok? If you can’t get the riddle when it was very obvious anyone or thing gets wet in the rain, stop being a poor sport. You didn’t get it then when I tried to be nice and explain the riddle to you. You wanted to get offensive. Then I got defensive let’s just stop & chalk it up to a misunderstanding. Nuff said. Sorry you didn’t like the riddle I got it off of Google but instead of unicorn it said teddy bear so like you said any thing could be inserted
Have a nice day :sunglasses:
And thanks for reading



You’re pulling things out of thin air, nobody said they didn’t like the riddle. We just didn’t get it. And if other people weren’t supposed to see it, you should’ve sent it via private message. We never got “offensive,” it was really the opposite, you started saying we were attacking, and I got defensive. But yeah, it was technically a misunderstanding that started this. :wink:



If you notice the post was directed to someone else’s name. And it’s not that no one else was supposed to see or read it. Just why would or should such a rousing response be made over a riddle that wasn’t celebrating your avatar? I was trying to Celebrate someone else’s avatar. And the celebration was overshadowed by nitpicking a riddle. It was just unnecessary. I was always taught if I couldn’t say something nice or positive not to say anything. And that is just what I am going to try to do. I’m not going to belabor this subject anymore if I offended anyone with my poor grammar or poor. delivery of a joke or a riddle my humble apologies.

Have a nice day & thanks for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:



We didn’t understand the riddle. How is that “unnecessary nitpicking”??



Welp…so this all happened when I was asleep…ok…

@Queen_Kate my apologies for attacking you. It was not my intention. I just wished to understand tour riddle and now I do…ty :grin:

Although, yyou would not be wet if you were in tje rain cuz you have your umbrella :wink: