How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


Just commenting to show off that I’m a sexy flower.


A red, juicy, vitamin enriched APPLE!!! That could knock people out


My avatar shows I am Sailor Moon.


Eeeh…I am…Whatever this thing is😂


I think it’s some kind of germ… :thinking:


Y ou are a piece of flubber. From the Movie…Flubber.


Aww, so mean for a bunch of balloons! Pop :balloon: :sparkler: oops got a little close with that needle! lol j/k. (Runs away before she could be caught)


Excuse me? Didyou just pop some of my balloons? This means war!!! :rage::triumph:

makes lightning strike umbrella

:cloud_with_lightning: :open_umbrella:

Hahaha hahahhahajajjahaha

continues to laugh maniacally


But it was an accident! Smiles, bats eyelashes, while hiding her Needle behind her back! :innocent:


Peace and party loving dinosaur walks up to the weird balloon person and umbrella person and says, “Why can’t people of different avatars just get along? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stack of pancakes or a gelatinous blob, we’re all avatars.”


Slaps party-loving dinosaur
“You sound like a hippie”


:musical_note: Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? :musical_note:


The dinosaur looks greatly assaulted and says, “I’m not a hippie, I’m just a pacifist vegan Dino, bro. Speaking of which…” The dinosaur then proceeds to tell them all the benefits of becoming a vegan, and the balloon person looks as if he is about to pop(pun intended), and the umbrella person just walks off. The clock in the sink feels the time just going down the drain(pun intended).


Y’all are just… crabby.


…Love the puns bro keep it up!!! :+1:


iS dAT a pUn i sMElL?!


Yeah I wish we could change our profile like in the game


Accidentally (secretly on purpose) spilled my full bucket of ice water on Party Dinosaur. Then I runaway & all the “Party Dinosaur” could do was gasp while I got clean away! (No backs lol I called it) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Rasberries PS did I do dat?


I’m just casually mowing grass here. What harm can come out of that…:smirk:


You wouldn’t! lol yes I think you would! Screems & runs! Yelling “Lawnmower Man” was not a Disney movie!