How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


Umbrella is better than a cactus lol


Hehe, funny thread :-). I personally use the sword with the green background in the game at the moment, but might change it later due to so many interesting badges coming out.


Oh you are? Whhy don’t ypu just mow people’s hair instead?



Maybe I’ll just embrace the unfortunate avatar and respond to all ridiculous posts by saying
"Pffffft! When pigs fly. :pig: "


Xd it would get old a little fast but I could say “Hate to burst your balloon but…”


This thread is entertaining. It’s really draining my time. :smile:


So I can say that I’m a really fungi! Ahahahahahahaha that was bad


What even is this thread anymore :laughing:


Now that was a good one (I got it) it finally made some sense for your avatar & the game. “Time Draining” Duh! Sometimes things have to be spelled out to me! :grin:


Well cactus or umbrella humm? They both can poke in-stead of getting poked! Is that a good thing? Watch out Balloons :balloon:


Everybody’s out for the balloon! Maybe he can spend some time hiding in my sink. :balloon:


Ba dum tss :drum:

(20 more of dis)


It would take a very large sink to hold all these balloons :sweat_smile:

I gotta protect as many as possible…

@TherMasterStitch you are not fungii you are a fun guy :upside_down_face: assuming you are a guy. If not then you can be a fun girl bit that ruins the pun.

Warning for cactuses and umbrellas

I will strike you with lightning from a cumulunimbus cloud if you come to close.


Everybody’s out for the balloon! Maybe he can spend some time hiding in my sink. :balloon:

Who in their right mind would want to spend anytime in your sink? Dosent this game drain enough of our time?

Just Kidding this game is the
:bird: “Blue Bird of Happiness in my Life” oops that bird is red!


Who doesn’t like cacti?!?!?! I love cacti, but living in the desert I may have some bias.
What other puns can I do with my avatar?
“Join my guild, there isn’t there MUSHROOM left!”


Maybe we should just Nick name you “Poison” or if you don’t like that one how about “Magic” or even “Spot” ? Just trying to be helpful. :grinning: Or we could call you. “Dr. Strange” :rewind: stolen idea from @TherMasterStitch upcoming post as if I thought of it. :grin: I love that edit button! :grin:


Or since the badge is called Strange Mushroom, I can be Dr. Strange.


Lol glad I can be of help for name puns. Since your badge description is “Practically perfect in every way” we can call you Pra-Kate-my Perfect.


Wait… you have the power to summon a punderstorm?!? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


So sorry I was trying to use quote & messed up badly!