How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


What what?? A group of odd looking strangers who make terrible puns?? Pffffft, I’ll leave when :pig: fly!


A punderstorm? Really? How did you come up with that one?


This topic is draining…open umbrella in a house is seven yeara of bad luck… Cacti and Mushrooms are here together despite needing opposite resources to survive

And a dinousar with a hat is trying to eat Evil Doctor Pork Chops who has learned to fly somehow? :confused:


All right except for one thing. The dinosaur is a vegan. So unless dr. Pork Chop is made of celery, that part is wrong.


I got handcuffs. Not my first pick, but guess I will make do :joy:


Now u can arrest dem baddies. :rofl:


Oh yah you are one to talk!

Officer!! All these people threaten to pop my balloons!


Maybe, be ready to POP them away!

Ba dum tss :drum:

(Ok, dat was pretty bad)


Young punks…get off my lawn!


Well, POP goes the weasel (and the balloon)


I aint no punk! Annd stop popping my Balloons!!


@Champion_David I never Threaten? Um? I think I accidentally did a few post back! >>> Pop> :balloon: :sparkler: oops sorry did I do that? Hiding umbrella point behind her back!


Dis topic came from a question to a comedy club. :joy:


Start singing with @DroneIX :saxophone: :notes: :musical_score: :musical_keyboard: Why can’t we be friends :bell: :musical_score: :musical_note: Then hollers >>>>> FOOD FIGHT!!! :watermelon: :strawberry: :banana: :fries: throws food at everyone in chat! :corn: :pizza: :mushroom: Even threw a mushroom!!! @TherMasterStitch lol @CowardWhisper8 and a few Veggies @TheSpaghettiKing :tomato: :eggplant: :melon: @MSH_Studios caught a banana & I ran before another balloon got pooped! Oops :balloon: :sparkler: too late!!! Did I do that? Called @Champion_David & pointed @Swisher the cactus! Shhhh don’t tell anyone! :kissing_heart:


Yep. I was just about to comment that what was before just supposed to be a comment thread for a simple question has tuned into a punny contest. May the best pun win! Who will be Number Pun? (Number One)


Well I think I am about drained of puns :wink:


Hm, this thread has gone a little off topic.

Let me guide you to start another amazing thread where you can let the puns fly. :wink:


While I am not a part of the pun thing, I wonder what category would this fit in or will you create an off-topic category? :-). I am not sure if I noticed any current fitting category at least.

But yeah, I see no harm people continue it here anyway as the question has been answered, unless you know a way :-). But yeah, fun that you joined the pun talk a bit as well Polaris ^^.


Game chat is fine for the category - talking about badges is relevant.


Ah, okey and thanks for answering :-).