How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


any chance of updating forum so we can choose our profile???

Also can just say that there arw an unhealthy amount of replies on this topic?


It was when :pig: s fly! But thanks for the pun! @Polaris :kissing_heart: Trying to act all innocent holding a tomato behind my back!


Oh wait I just realized I could have said punny com-pun-tition!


Let’s give you a gold star for that pun.


Tattle tail @Champion_David calling for an officer! We Almost got in trouble! Good thing I hid behind all those balloons! And why did you start that Food Fight? However I enjoy having PUN aka fun anyway @Polaris said let the Puns fly & the closest thing I could Find in the food shop was this BUN >> :bread: so I threw this BUN just for FUN so I could RUN!!!


Alot of other threads are deserted and dry, this cactus left those chats to come say Hi. Lol Hmm idk if thats a pun lol


I see the course you’ve charted, so I believe I’ll just change the topic for this thread.

Carry on!


You might have to fly to the second star to the right, but you gets first place.


If u guys know wot ASMR is, I want to tell u guys a ASMR joke.

But u guys might get triggered

Ba dum tss :drum:


Honestly, some of the things posted on this forum have been enough to start STAR wars.(yes, I know it’s a stretch.)


In no time float, I have spent more time coming up with puns for this topic than I have spent playing the actual game this week.


I love this thread so much-room


That is kinda sad…


and ty @Polaris for not shutting us down!!


Phew! I was worried this punderful topic was about to go down the drain. Sorry I didn’t post as much here, I’ll try to do more. Don’t worry, I can be punsistantly depunded upun for a punderstorm of gags that will leave you in gales of laughter. My skills are punominal, I’ll propund a joke wherever opporpunity strikes, even if punnecessary. I get that my jokes can be punvicted of being pungent at times so please don’t punish me by locking me in a punitentiary or a pungeon. Alright, there’s jest no way for me to make anymore jokes, I’m finished writing this punbearable piece of garbage. Please gag me with a spoon.


There are so many puns here. Disney (this needs) to stop her-oes. Most of us can’t think of this many puns right of the bat(tle). Hopefully this thread and it’s jokes doesn’t get m(ode) [old].


I was taught to stop & smell the :bouquet: flowers. In life. However I never knew of a flower named @FartSparkles pun_till now! I got to be more careful. :cold_sweat:


I hate empty carbs.:tired_face:


bacon makes everything better! :pig:


Mmmmm, bacon :stuck_out_tongue: