How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


We’ve been making puns for almost six days now! I’m so six of it!:wink:


Originally we were whining about our avatar pics and why can’t we change them. I guess we accomplished the purpose of getting Polaris’ attn. Lately I’ve been thinking about pigs, and that made me think of the black cauldron and what a fun toon gurgi could be.


@Polaris a definitive answer on WHY we can’t change our avatar pics on forum would be appreciated.


Because if we could, we would just change our avatar to the ones that have the most potential puns.


XD true. Maybe cuz people would change their pictures all the time.


Well, this option may be available once. Choose wisely:D


Yes @Cat_Sass Bacon Is really good to eat! Gets out fork & :hocho: ready to carve up porky! :pig: I love to eat Bacon!


This chat died quicker than a balloon can fart. :upside_down_face:


XD good one @Champion_David. :joy:


I’m just going to leave this here, the name of the thread inspired my masterpiece.


lol you should know! @Champion_David (I’m holding my nose while laughing) Did you :balloon: notice how I didn’t POP any balloons this time? I’m Afraid they might have GAS. :cold_sweat:


Here is $1,000,000 dollars 4 u so I can buy dat


Worth way more @DroneIX. Quit lowballing :joy:


Ur right @BlueWave. Is $1,000,000,000 dollars enough? :joy:


I’m satisfied…and I’ll raise you 1$


Y thank u @BlueWave. But u can keep ur 1$.


Not that impressive…you just moved a watchful sink over Mona Lisa’s mysterious face… :wink:


Ok, I accept your challenge.


My masterpiece is complete. :sunglasses:


Much better! But i still do not want it hanging on my wall. Hope I didnt just watch your hopes down the drain :sunglasses: