How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


I hope you didn’t deflate The Eavesdropper’s enthusiasm for creating art.


I’m not good enough for you?!


Oh my gosh!! @Polaris

Thank you for the pun I apreciate it!!



How Dare you use my balloons in your art!!! I will demand the copy right fee now!!

Pay up!!!


:money_with_wings::moneybag: here you go


Thank you, you can slap my profile pic on any .painting you want :wink:


Here is $4,000,000,000 dollars 4 u @The_Eavesdropper so I can have those 2 other masterpieces.


I would cry if I were 2 be in one of ur masterpieces. I would pay u $1,000,000,000,000 dollars 4 dat.


Wow, these art prices are really inflating fast!


All these inflating puns are making me feel a little saur!


Keep your cork in. It isnt that big a deal :wink:


XD Ha! Good one! :joy:


@Polaris nothing could deflate his Art enthusiasm! Cough cough (Really Thinking does that daflate include his ego as well? Well Nothing could deflate that!)
:sunglasses: Gosh I hope he’s not Eavesdropping on my thoughts!


There’s been no puns for four days. I guess we’re done with puns. It’s sad. I’ll miss the puns so much(room). Hopefully there’s still (mush)room for more puns.


The teleDrone pole must have been down. Dats Y dis topic POP. :wink:


The the pressure is building up! Waiting for the Cork to Pop! :balloon: :sparkler: Oops A Balloon pooped I mean popped! :blush:


So I just got a job at a bank!

A man walked up to me and asked me to check his balance, so I pushed him over!


And, if this story is true, then you just lost your job too :wink:


Nah, it was just a joke. I wouldn’t push down a guy like that. I don’t think I’d be that stupid.


Never know for sure :wink: