How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


…Gotta keep the puns flying

U less you wanna deflate my confidence in you all…


I believe in you! :star2:


I dino know any more puns really, but I saur am glad for everyone else’s puns!


My supply of puns is drained, maybe I can resort to sausage puns? They’re the wurst, but I might be able to pull one off.




@Polaris Will you stop “Mooning” :first_quarter_moon_with_face: us? Oops those are stars :star2: not a moon :crescent_moon: :cold_sweat:


Me when my friend say something stange in a nutshell :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What did i miss @DroneIX? Also having pun fun @Polaris


Polaris is having fun and I’m all squirmy. What a twist(pun intended)


I hope this topic won’t go down (pun intended) like me at the bottom of the sea


And time is winding down the drain (pun intended)


A lot of Punny Puns :wink:


I don’t know…they were kinda …Squishy…

@Prince_Aamir aren’t you a sea anemone? Cannot pronounce it thwy way Nemo did. Soo not talented enough for something that funny cuz I am not a clownfish or a clownfish’s home.


I’m so grateful none of these terrible puns have not made anemone for me!


@Swisher What is a cactus’s favorite M.C. Hammer song?

“Can’t Touch This” :cactus:


@Cat_Sass since you were the first to like that one, I got one for you too!

What did the Pig :pig: say to his girlfriend?

Don’t go Bacon My Heart! :heart: : :pig2:


@Champion_David What kind of Music is Scary for Balloons?

:balloon: :confetti_ball: POP MUSIC of course! lol just kidding my friend. :musical_score: :musical_note: :notes:


@TherMasterStitch. Why did the Mushroom go to the Party?

:tada: He Was A Fun Guy! I’m on a Roll “PUNSTOPPABLE” (sorry) I had to fill in for @The_Eavesdropper he’s was a little busy drinking his favourite Scariest beverage.

The Tea-Rex


Ok, it has been 3 days since I/we posted any puns so I thought I might as well post a few!
First. @TherMasterStitch Why are Fungi always invited on Road Trips? Because they don’t take up Mush-Room.

Second. One goes out to our resident vegan @TheSpaghettiKing Why did the Banana :banana: go to the Dr? It wasn’t peeling well.

Third this goes out to Winnie the Pooh Bear lovers! Why was :tiger2: Tiger staring at the toilet? Why? Of course he was looking for Pooh!


Ok Y did the turkey cross the road? Cause it wanted to be a chicken! :turkey: :chicken: :rofl:

Get it? Cause like dat chicken crosses the road & it inspired someone.