How can I celebrate my Avatar on discourse?


…wow XD

I know why Jack Skellington didn’t t cross the road.

He didn’t have the guts to do it.

Allso these are not puns. They are jokes…


I guess it is about time everyone was drained of puns, eh @The_Eavesdropper ?


Why is Pongo bad at hide and seek? Because he’s always spotted!


@Champion_David the title of this thread reads “How can I celebrate My Avatar on Discourse” they have given us a pretty wide girth as long as we are including something to do with a Disney Heros Avatar or a want to be Available Avatar I don’t think it really matters pun or joke or discussion about Avatar’s would probably be fair game. Just my opinion. :innocent:


I guess we kind of screwed up on the puns. :joy:


Yup but umbrella half open, we will all survive :wink:


I always thought the phrase was “Jaw half open”.


Going for a “glass half full” kinda vibe :wink:


I know. Just an attempt at a pun.


@Champion_David Please Quit messing with my umbrella! Hmm??? What is this World Coming to? When a bunch of balloons start opening my umbrella? My word!!!


Wow. I am impressed you’ve kept this topic going for so long and Polaris even contributed. Kudos


Yup it is a bone banging surprise isnt it??


Just do not marrow in the bad puns :wink:

Wahoo! I am on a roll I guess i should take a break



Lol that was a good one!


Some people think puns are jarring, but they are music to my ears.


what did the fish say when you swam in the wall🐟 dam


whats Forrest` gumps email password? 1forrest1


why do we tell actors to breakleg?

because every play has a cast


Oh my gosh!!! Imma ateal this one!!!


How did pears get their name
They always come in 2