How do I start playing?

I’m new to this game. I can’t figure out how to begin playing this game. What do I do?

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Follow the tutorial in the game

Also, welcome to the forums!

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You need to collect badges to upgrade your characters, spend skill points to make their skills more powerful, collect hero chips to upgrade their star level.

I recommend getting every character you intend to use up to Purple 4, this gives them a basic level of power for most content.

Also, go to missions and slot as many +Power missions as you can.
It will take a while, but the linked Friendship Campaigns will be easier as a result.

And be very certain which characters you intend to use, the ones you don’t are a waste of badges/XP tokens/Skill Points.
You can’t use every character, so don’t try.

I’d like to emphasize the points Tilarta makes here about badges. Even lower-level badges will always be important as they are necessary to craft some of the higher-level badges needed for upgrading your units further. Since the badge rewards for story levels never run out even after you complete the level, you can always go back through some of the earlier levels to earn more.

Welcome to the forums! For a starter, buying stamina is your priority for promoting heroes. You also need to see what type of heroes suit your style. You can also follow some pros playing (who are also on YouTube) and test it. Trial and error is the best solution.

Hey! I only just started a couple of weeks ago myself. One big tip I have is to save up on gold and stamina. It may not the worst choice to spend those resources as much as possible at first just to get through the early story chapters and stock up on badges and certain Hero chips from Gold Crates, but as time goes on, you’ll find that you’ll need a lot of each for upgrading even just one hero. If you do spend gold, spend wisely.

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