How does queuing for War work?

I apologise if this has been asked a lot and I’m just not finding it in the search. My question is about queuing for War. We’re a new guild so we’re still growing but we do have strong players who are interested in trying War out now. But if we queue up and then realize we’re not ready, do we get automatically queued for the duration of the season or do we do that manually and therefore have the option to bow out through simply no longer queuing?

You can queue or unqueue at any time & it will take effect for the next War that starts. I’d recommend just queueing no matter what - even if you lose every war - which is unlikely - you’ve not lost anything and at least had the chance to win & get some rewards!


There are 3 options for queuing:

No - fairly straight forward, you won’t enter any wars until you change this
Yes - you will be entered into the next war, but then the setting will change to ‘no’
Auto - you will automatically be entered into every war. This is definitely the best option. Like Pipsqueak said, there isn’t a reason not to fight, at least you can claim daily rewards.


Thanks you guys, much appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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