How good is this team

i was wondering how good this team is it is a fun team to use do i need to change anything or its good the way it is also have kronk because he is good and he stop freezes with his disk for 5 seconds

You could post this in your precious topic…

Seems better, maybe just replace Animal with Kermit.


i have kermit on my main team

my main team but i will replace mulan with hamm because mulan against ian is almost a instakill for my mulan even though she have bo peep 4 star disk and a sheild mod

That’s definitely a good change.

so use animal or what because kermit is on main team?

If you own Fear use his. I guess…

replacing animal with fear

Mulan losing against Ian doesn’t really have anything to with shields, or a lack of. It’s because Ian’s Purple Skill directly counters Mulan’s Green Skill, reflecting all damage from the firework cannon back at Mulan. Improving the Bo Peep disk and Shield mods won’t affect this interaction.

well i getting rid of her when i get hamm tomorrow i really did like mulan 2

I suggest you change the mulan disk

Maybe replace chef, I don’t really use him, but Pooh slows and You might need a silence like Sadness or disgust, you know?

This doesn’t mean Chef is bad… it’s very opposite, he is great.

I agree, and I wasn’t saying it like that. I was just saying I don’t use him and this is the team I would use.

well theser are my colisiam team goint to be the first team is also my arena team

it will be hamm not mulan

i really have to level gonzo wish kermit did just a little damage

Maybe it’s better if you get PowerUps for his friend campaign with D&B, since they are better at dealing damage, you might not know when it’s the right time to remove a sap.

But they want the Gonzo disk :confused:.

Plus the Gonzo disk is better.

You mean: If you want a disk but you can´t do the campaign you instead do the other disk that is easier? No :neutral_face: :confused:

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