How is the amount of gold you earn calculated?

I’m having trouble discerning a reliable pattern in how much gold I will earn for beating or raiding a given district. It seems like raiding gives less gold (which both makes sense and seems unfair), but given how many display bugs plague this game I’m not certain. Also, it used to be that the game would tell me I earned significantly more gold than the power I defeated (e.g., if the district had 700k power, I would probably get over 800k gold), but the past few weeks at least it’s be significantly less than that (e.g., now getting under 700k gold for beating a 900k district). And to further complicate matters, my mostly-neglected secondary account is still getting much larger gold amounts than power defeated, just on a smaller scale (e.g., 15k for beating a 9k district).

Is there any official information on how much gold one earns for participating in creep surge? Failing that, has anyone gathered some wide-ranging, reliable data on the subject, enough to form some general rules?

And yes, you might be able to guess why I’m choosing to ask this question at this particular time.


Asked the same question about two years ago, but didnt get any answer. Only Thing I know for sure: rewards Displayed is Not allways the same, than you realy get :slight_smile:

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