How many lvls?

I have 2150 stamina batteries.

60 x 2150 =129k stamina.

How much exp would I get if I used the double exp option as well.

I am lvl 72 and 9 VIP

You’d get 258K XP if you used an XP doubler

Also don’t calculators exist?

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The amount of xp needed to gain the next level increases every level up to some point (I forget when it levels off). The maximum amount needed is 15k.
So if you used a double xp item (and you would need to make sure it’s a team xp double item, NOT a hero xp item) you would be able to add a minimum of 17 levels.

Nope. @TARTAR_FORAS is level 72. They could level up at least 20 levels

Mmm I see. Well see when the power crates come out.

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