How to counter Bolt?

Can someone please help me with this? Is there a specific hero good at defeating bolt because he is so annoying to deal with. I’m thinking Maximus but idk.

Other people say, use ariel with clawhauser disk to decrease the effect of bolt’s true damages…gadget’s snares will also help a lot

Ariel’s Gerald disk.

They won’t, Bolt can attack from any distance.

Bolt has no armor negation AND no tenacity/evasion, just use Shank or Timon and some disables.


Reflect and disables. Bolt can do nothing about either.


Bolt might kill from get go but he’s not immune to disables from start like else’s red skill can freeze him and you can kill him fast, you should see who his teammates are.

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He’s not the only one who can kill right at the start either. Quorra, Gonzo, Mulan, and Zeus (with Hades friendship disc) can do so as well. One of them could beat him to the punch.

Also, Ian and Darkwing are good reflectors. (Though maybe don’t use Darkwing if Cheshire Cat is there.)

I dunno this might help, but By my experience with bolt, i believe vinny’s red skill can block bolt’s attack speed and stun him as a counter. Of course if he’s paired with anyone that can cleanse or hardy, that’ll make things difficult for vinny to stun bolt.

Ian works if you can pair him with kermit, but of course kermit’s energy has to be full in order for reflect to take effect although reflect will not take effect if invincible comes in first.

Using tanks with high HP may get killed by bolt regardless of their armor and reality and not to mention that bolt’s purple skill can get devastating.

The other countermeasure is applying sap and and energy removal like zeus and bolt himself, but if you pair zeus with cheshire cat, hamm, and others that can sap, you may be able to counter bolt with this combination, but of course this combination won’t work if zeus doesn’t have a disk from hades.

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You need a max red skill on Vinny for that.

Since Bolt has no tenacity/evasion you can disable him easily. For example, if you use angel, after bolt kills one of your heroes he will get charmed by angel and kill his whole team while you kill him. True story.

Her skill doesn’t give you enough time to kill Bolt

I recommend use charms a lot and use Winifred because her stuns cannot be countered

Disable or KO him quickly.

Use teams with fast energy gain and immediate damage attacks. I either charm him or use Shego or GoGo to KO him as quickly as possible.

It may be disk dependent because if he’s using clawhauser’s disk, that would mean trouble and he will target with the most energy while keeping himself healed and removing energy. If bolt is being used in a war defense line up, you wanna sabotage his energy gain, purple skill, skill power, and disk stars and level depending on disk.

It’s true that ian and ron’s reflect works, but if you have ian, keep him at purple and his purple skill level maxed at all times and adding goliath’s disk would work for more damage.

Another thing to keep in mind: For whatever reason, while using the Cl disk, Bolt’s attack range doubles. So it takes Ch Bolt a few seconds to get into range to hit you, but Cl Bolt will just hit you immediately.

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