How to earn coins fast?

I had around 7m of them and then I used it all up in 2 days so I’ve been wondering what’s the fastest way to earn coins?

Active participation in Surge, CW, and Port. If you’re really, truly desperate you can sell excess badges.


Contests sometimes give out good amount of gold as well.

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Yep. Surge, City Watch, Wars, campaign, contest, invasion, selling your inventory. Those can get you coins

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  1. Stock up on XP Drinks and sell those that you don’t need.
  • 10,000 Mini (60) XP Drinks can get you 4 Million Gold
  • 5,000 Grande (300) XP Drinks can get you 6 Million Gold
  • 2,000 Mega (1,500) XP Drinks can get you 8 Million Gold
  • 200 Turbo (7,500) XP Drinks can get you 4.31 Million Gold
  • 10 Nitro (37,500) XP Drinks can get you .95 Million Gold
  1. Fully Upgrade your Diamond Crates’ Gold Track and open Diamond Crates

Fully Upgrading the Gold Track will grant you a chance to get at least 5 Sapphire Credits (250,000 Gold) for every Diamond Crate open.

  1. Keep doing Ports: Warehouse and/or use Port Resets

This is an easy way of obtaining Gold/Credits.

Set your Ports: Warehouse at Max Level, Raid/Battle, 2x Rewards, Port Reset, and repeat.

Whenever there is a double gold event for the Port, Surge, City Watch, 2x gold buy for gems, try to maximize your gain. E.g. do not do those daily quests until you know if there’s gonna be a double gold event for sure. Sadly they don’t seem to run triple gold events anymore these days?.. Nor triple Trials drops.

You can do Surge and the Port twice in a 24 hr span while a double gold event lasts - thus getting a 2x gain instead of 1x. BEFORE and AFTER daily reset. (There are also exclusive Port/Trials reset items - so try to save them up for such occasions.)

As for City Watch, you can have a 3x, and even a 4x gain without using any exclusive items! There is a peculiar guild perk called City Watch - Bank Resets. I’ll try to explain how it works.

After you clear City Watch, whether manually or by raiding, if you have a reset banked (the green Reset counter next to the CW Shop), you can immediately do CW again - up to you if you just do one node or complete it again. But there’s usually no reason to touch CW more than once in a day UNLESS there are double gold events running or challenges/contests ending.

Normally players can only have 1 reset daily. The aforementioned guild perk allows you to store one extra reset on top - letting you do City Watch 3 times in a row. And after the daily reset, that amounts to 4 runs total - no more resets banked after that until you get the new daily one and can begin to store them again. You can’t go higher than 4x there in a 24 hr span. But that means you can get 4x as much gold whenever there is a CW double gold event.

Consequently, you should never end the day with your reset counter in City Watch at 2 - the daily reset grants you one more, and since you can’t store 3, it gets lost. It should be at 1, normally, since it will be back to 2 after the daily reset. It should only be at 0 when you go to bed when there’s a double gold event or you need CW points for a contest/challenge that ends soon.

Make sure your guild has that perk, and use it wisely! If you have questions still, I’ll be happy to help.

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Techincally, you’re still only getting double, no matter how many runs you do. Those resets still get used & have to be built back up, they aren’t ‘free’ runs :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, 4 lots of double is better than 1 :slight_smile:

I guess I was trying to say that you can benefit from the event 4 times instead of 2 or just 1.

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And yes, those resets aren’t bestowed by the perk for free, players have to save them up, I mean! It only increases max counter to 2 from 1.