How to get vip 5 for a day ring?

Also, they didn’t give me 10 times wish crate free

I checked it and nope

It is delivered the second day that you are playing, how much time have you been playing?

About the wish crate, you need to reach TL 30 and open the crates section

With the VIP ring? :thinking:

You could just spend some money and get VIP 5 permantly

There is a vip 5 for a day ring

And you can open the crate through that way

Yep! They give you a tutorial on the wish crate. Finish it, and where it says “Open x10” Should be the item

Also, i got an acccount to lv 30 but when i looked in the wish crate.They didn’t give me 10 times role

Can you send a screenshot of the wish crate open screen?

Oh jeez, I’ve replied to the same person 3 times and apparently other people need to be involved lol

Automatic yes.

When someone uses an alt to post in their own topic it flags all their posts.

@Ruler_Fergus_LXXVII Please contact support and they can help you with the wish crate and also check what happened with the VIP 5 for a day item. Open your account page in the game (tap your icon in the lower left) and then tap the support button).


All the posts of the alt or the other account too?

Both. I can remove the flag and make the posts visible again.


Oh. I´m confused because in a topic I made I once used an alt and just that post was flagged.
The post is deleted now but here is where it was supposed to be

The link to the thread

the alt: @Something_I_guess

Just something weird I noticed
(Please don´t flag all my posts, it´s just something I noticed)

You get it on your 2nd or 3rd day on the game

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