How to motivate everyone in guild to fully participate


Ok so I’m trying to think of a way to motivate my guild better and get everyone to fully participate in Surge and War … maybe Surge… anyone have any ideas how I can motivate my guild members?


Clearing Surge nodes rewards Gold. Pretty good amounts of Gold too.

Unless your Guildmates are mega-Whales, they will always, always be in need of Gold.


Especially now with the latest update…


Ok I may sound dumb asking this but what r “whales”? Lol


And like what can I say or do to help motivate?


“Whales” are players who spends loads of money to get in-game content, to the point of getting to the top of the game from the ludicrous amounts they pay.


Oh ok… well I don’t have many of those in my guild …


Every once in awhile someone buys something but not to often…


Answered this awhile back on another topic, but I feel it’s still relevant: Surge Participation


Thank u @Caster I read it


Good luck is all I can say, hard to stay motivated when the makers of the game make the grind worse than it already was.


Setting up Guild rules helps alot


I kicked inactive members and started recruiting from dying guilds, it worked most of the time

Or people whose guild was dying started joining


Finish surge + win war = all member get gift card. Sure all will try their best.


Rewards work better than punishments in my experience. Booting people for non participation usually doesn’t work well. Plus most guilds can’t afford to boot half their members. I suggest using promotions as motivation. Each promotion level should require a set amount of participation. Providing a daily surge breakdown can help as well. I have used the breakdown to name a surge mvp each day as well. I awarded it to the player with the best efficiency who used ALL of his/her heroes. Some members really enjoyed that