How to unlock account

Is there anyway to get my account back if it’s been suspended?

You just need to wait until the suspension is up. I show that your account will be unsuspended on 11/18 21:17 CST


so what exactly happens when I get my account back like do I lose anything? because I didn’t cheat so

You lose everything extra you earned from the contest, you know the contest which is currently ongoing and you exploited it by joining several guilds?

Enjoy your break.

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how do you know this lmao

Here is another thread regarding this:


But yes, as said above, you exploited the contest for multiple rewards and received a 3 day suspension. It is against our TOS please do not do this again or you will receive a longer suspension.


gotcha, I never read ToS so maybe now is the time to start lol

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Loutre…just looking for a thread you are active on - update not showing in Google play store for me. Have already done a restart and nonavailable updates are showing ???

That would go into this thread: 3.5 Known Issues Thread

This is a known Google Play store side issue and you just need to clear cache on the Google Play Store app


3.5 was fine … just today’s small update - same resolution (wait or clear cashe)?

That thread is for all issues within 3.5 and 3.5.01 counts with it

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