I am leaving the game

Hello to Everyone . I owe an apology to @Mega_cheese,for not posting the concept . So first the reasoning for not posting a concept. My phone had a glitch.And due to the pandemic I could not find a safe place for mobile repair.Now why no concepts,bcz previously, concept making was a fun , but now,it feels like a chore.Why I leave the forums and the game,the game also feels like a chore so I no more want to be in the game.Forums,just want to,no particular reason,goodbye,miss you guys.


ok. Goodbye I guess maybe.
Umm just one thing. Please, learn to use the space bar.


Uh… ok, bye. I don’t even know you but, bye.

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Of course I was the one or make sombody leave.
I always do things bad without intending to.
I feel mean.this is my fault,even though i dont renember any concept…

If isn’t even your fault

Good bye …

Ok, well good bye.

I’m confused, what concept

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