I got some questions, and issues for you guys and Polaris


Question Polaris, are you gonna make like 10,0000 heroes? Because I really hope you don’t. You don’t want your game to have so many. And that would be irritating. A issue: Can you guys chat silence people in friends? Cuz a lot of people be doing rps and spam the same hero and words. And second, when I was on global, I said something a lot and you guys kinda silenced me for spam, I don’t like when people are muted. But remember, Polaris, hackers can cause SERIOUS damage to your game, they can probably hack kids’ accounts and probably delete them. There’s a lot of exploits and trollers in the chat, even when they are perm silenced they delete that acc they were perm silenced on and make a new acc. Then they troll on there siblings’ alts in life to get there siblings’ account perm muted of perm suspension.

The Mad Hatter Hero And Alice and TQOH and good game

For real, if we get hackers on these kind of games, this WHOLE GAME *WILL BE…DELETED! *


Relax, humanity won’t live till that number of characters. Yet without adding new ones this game will probably lose more players who wants some new content.

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Your right.  That’s kinda not gonna happen.

Wai- how’d I do that


@Polaris, so, your gonna keep adding heroes? Like how much more, can’t possibly be like 1000000000000 heroes.


ok Then problem weird.


Note: Please understand that I don’t mean to give any bad feedbacks about other Disney games here.

About adding characters, do you know how many characters does Disney Emoji Blitz currently have?


Yeah, I don’t think Polaris is a Game Developer, because their job is to add Heroes… but so far, Polaris has only been relaying information from PerBlue to us and vice versa, kind of like a messenger, if you will.

10,000 Heroes? 1 Trillion? This game has only 55 Heroes, while, as @NCTzen_Haechan said, Disney Emoji Blitz has 206 Playable Characters, 151 more than the Characters in the game.

If you’re annoyed with other players roleplaying and such, just block them, or better yet, limit your use in the Chat.

Your last statement contradicts with your first statements… think of that first.

If memory serves, this is the first time of hearing a legitimate hacker that can steal your account. There are scammers, yes, but you can’t delete an account unless your parent or guardian lets PerBlue know that they want to deactivate their kids’ account(s).

That is the only plausible statement I’ve heard so far…

A tip? Whenever you see someone Spamming to the point where it’s getting “toxic”, Block and Report immediately. Just make sure to not abuse it so much that innocent Players are getting Silenced, or worse, getting their accounts suspended.


last part sounds most related to system. Itt is just a bot. Not a person. Just like discobot is a bot. Not a person. But I think System gave up on my server cuz it hasn’t been there in ages.


Yeah, I mean like dude, we can’t have 10,000 heroes. And what I mean is that we already have more than enough to collect. I love new heroes but I think Hercul- nevermind.


I agree. I am just sick and tired of more heroes coming in. And if we wanna make a game good, that’s part of life. And we can’t abuse reports to get innocent people who didn’t do anything to get them silenced. And…you have a point

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Idk about a blocking with roleplaying, you know…


That’s the point.

If you don’t like roleplaying, don’t use the Chat… simple as that.


Well, I have to do roleplaying with my friend.


And it’s not like I can stop it and save the day like Polaris’s silence bots to mute them. That’s kinda what you mean I think.


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Dude, let it go.

This thread hasn’t been active for 11 days and you’ve revived it.


No I don’t…wow…