I have a great idea


How about people who experience sexual harassment get taken seriously and aren’t given text book responses whenever the issue is raised. I am sick of not getting anywhere when it comes to this issue, all I wanted was someone to be silenced, it has been 3 WEEKS silencing 1 person does not take that long, frankly support is awful because no one actually seems concerned by this and the forums are leading no where. I just want this person to face consequences yet time and time again my voice is not heard and I am sick of it


Soo what’s the great idea?


Are tpu sure they are not silenced?



Wot is ur idea?


Harassment is not allowed in the game. When a report is submitted, we review the player’s chat and take action against them.

Please note that a silence only applies to global, Heist, and VIP channels. A silenced player can still use guild chat and private messages. If someone is harassing you, please block them to prevent further PMs.


I have done all you have said, yet nothing happens, they have not been silenced because he was on global chat less than 24 hours ago


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100% I reported them 3 weeks ago yet they were active on global chat yesterday


Hmm weird…

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You don’t have to be rude.


Dat really felt like a shotgun bullet to the chest. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m very srry 4 u @DroneIX, u @Witch_Hiro on the other hand, take some chill pills would u? @DroneIX is just confused when he saw dis.


Thxs @Mr_Meme. But yeah, I really was confused. But now I understand. @Witch_Hiro, sorry if u thought I was being a jerk. I really wasn’t. I’m a very nice person & I want to help.


I’m sorry, but I was talking about being taken seriously then someone makes a joke, I have the right to be angry about this because this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Are you expecting me to be calm because I am done trying that


Sorry for misunderstanding you too, I did kinda think you were just a jerk being mean to me


Sorry but there is a more serious problem here. Adults are messaging children sexual content and I will not be calm about that


It wasn’t a joke. There was zero indication of your “idea” being to be took seriously.


Excuse me…but @Witch_Hiro how old are you?


Oh I’m no jerk. But I will be a jerk to a mean person who harasses a innocent person. Also, thxs 4 the apology. I feel better. :slight_smile: