I love to make costumes so thanks!

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

how is this flagged? What? This makes no sense

What is this post about?

What costumes?
Are you talking about ingame? Only the developers can make costumes and they have been discontinued.


I said I MADE costume costumes, I made a couple of costumes [Season 1]

Okay, now it makes more sense.
It would have been better to include a link in your post from the start, so people can see what you are referring to.

However, the Category of the post is wrong
“Feedback Corner” is feedback to the developer team for in game data, events, heroes, etc.
You need to post in “Creative corner”, similar to where your other posts are.

Also, no need to make a new topic, it would be more appropriate to have posted this in your original post, so that people who are looking at your costume ideas can see that you like making them.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


What @Bluebandit93 said!

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Also, including your full name in a post is generally not good practice, so perhaps someone hid it to hide that specifically.

(i realise it’s more likely a failed attempt at spelling Rick Astley, since this is clearly a troll account, but even so… :man_shrugging: )


Also, we’re on to you Leo, you used the college excuse already.

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