I’m not a repaint! (Disney Heroes Concept) Cliffjumper

Disney Heroes Concept

:star: 1-Star
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Bio: Cliffjumper is an Autobot, always fulfilling his role of a Warrior. Cliffjumper’s tendencies of striking without warning often gets him in trouble, but never demoted. Cliffjumper is a great Warrior despite his size.

Entrance: Cliffjumper will drive in and transform, gun in-hand.

Defeat: Cliffjumper will throw his guns at the floor and point at them, yelling.

Win: Cliffjumper will laugh at the enemies.

Basic Attack: Cliffjumper will shoot the enemy with his gun.

  “Strike First, Strike Fast, Strike Hard.”

White Skill: Glass Gas Gun
Cliffjumper will pull out metal from out of nowhere, and throw on top of enemy. He will then use his GGG and shoot the metal, turning it into glass. It will fall on all enemies going X (Level 1) Fantastic damage, they will also take X (Level 1) damage over time.

Green Skill: Strike Hard
Cliffjumper will pounce at a random enemy, punching them 6 times. Each punch dealing X (Level 1) normal damage.

Blue Skill: Short and Strong
Cliffjumper has a 25% dodge rate of any enemy attack.
After the dodge, Cliff will gain X (Level 1) more basic damage for the rest of the wave.
Cooldown is 5 seconds

Purple Skill: Defrost Cycle Mode
Cliffjumper and his allies will now ignore any freeze from any source.

Red Skill: Let me at em’!
Whenever Cliffjumper uses ”Strike Hard”, he will gain X (Level 1) more basic damage and will stun the enemy for 5 seconds.


Cliffjumper and Wall-E
Old Robots
Cliffjumper’s Short and Strong will now give Cliffjumper 30% (1 Star) more attack speed when the dodge is finished.

Cliffjumper and Dash
Strike Hard now stuns the enemy for .50 (1 Star) more seconds.


Unlikely that he will add since he belongs to hasbro.

Well duh. Obviously. That’s it’s unlikely.

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