I need a team for chef

is this a good team that can fight meta if its no who to change also i would add beaker to team when i get him

Replace Powerline with Kermit

kermit is on another team so yea these are them

Replace powerline with pooh, mushu for bo and GMN for clawhauser

thats very tank heavy

…no. The team would be weak and have no real focus

still need a team kermit is on a nother team

Yes but theres 1 extra spot on the team for him to add somting like that.

That doesn’t mean the team you’re proposing is good

Wait realised my mistake

beaker is going there i dont have him yet thats why it open

Dont its all tanks

im good i found a team witch is

also i will add bunsen and beaker to team

I lime to run chef with Collette, pooh, linguini, and disgust

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