I never knew about this

So something that I just learned after my guild’s surge was expired for the night and was browsing the merc board when I tapped one of my posted and hired mercs and found out I could see who hired them.

When you get to this screen all you have to do is tap one of your heroes icons like say DWD in the top left and…
It will tell you who hired it. This may be a way to monitor mercenary usage by those who wish to micromanage guilds more and find out if your merc was used effectively or not. Perhaps I am slow on the uptake with this but to my recollection I never knew about this until today.


I just realized a player called Lady Charming explained your reaction to this (in the second photo she says “I think it’s new”)

Yeah no one in my guild knew about this and it was never explicitly stated to my knowledge. I knew it informed you when the hire actually happens but not that you can go back and check who all got which mercs.

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If you ask me your guild should be called “last ones to know”


I actually knew dis feature a while ago. Really is a useful feature.

even the most intelligent do not know everything. However, I did no about this feature…but I was nit aware that it was something most people would be interested in.

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Actually, I had no idea about this. Fat lot of good it does me in a two-player guild, though.

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I’m sorry? Do you know how incredibly rude that sounds? I simply shared a piece of knowledge I had no awareness of in hopes that people might learn about this feature, that once again had no explanation to it and no notice of it’s existence.

Now I’m not saying that everything need be spoonfed to the player base, but this game does a great job of allowing players to know various aspects and statistics in the game that the fact that no where in any of the tutorials throughout the game or any of the information pages sheds light on this feature is fairly out of character for this game.

Even looking throughout the forums and reading most every single topic on here have I come across hide nor hair of this piece of information. The fact that you are so quick to undermine someone’s or a group’s integrity is rather unfortunate. Perhaps next time I learn something about the game I should keep it to myself, because it will obviously be common sense?

No. The essence of knowledge is that it deserves to be shared so that others may do with it as they wish. That was one of two points I wish to convey with this topic. The other was to ask if anyone else had known about this, which while you did so the condescending manner in which you did is incredibly hurtful.

Edit: This is all the information one can gleam from hitting the “i” button in the Mercenary page.

Further reiterating my point.


What does spoonfed mean? Is it a typo because I can’t find the definition

“Spoonfed” refers to giving something, be it knowledge, gifts, or the like, being given to a person or group of people without any effort given in it’s acquisition. Much as one has to feed a baby with a spoon as they cannot do so on their own.


It is self explanatory… Spoon-fed.

You know? Like feeding a baby? You have to give the baby each spoonful of baby food, cuz they cannot feed themself.


Except it’s not literate…

You are correct. Spoonfed is unable to read and write :wink:


I found this out a while ago as well.

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What are you talking about? When I searched “spoonfed” in google it gave me the definition as the top result. Also, like people said, spoonfed is pretty self explanatory. One important part of reading is using context clues to figure out definitions of words you don’t know.


Well I dunno what kind of phone you have because when I searched up spoonfed the definition wasn’t the one I was looking for. I was looking for a metaphorical definition. Also when I searched up “spoonfed definition” it wasn’t the word. It gave me the definition of spoon-feed

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Umm, can’t you use context clues and realize it’s pretty much the same word but just in present tense and with a dash. It’s close enough that you could’ve realized that.


Now I think we are getting off topic with the definition of “spoonfed” because

  1. It isn’t self explanatory since the definition isn’t literal

  2. This conversation isn’t going anywhere

  3. I think it’s stupid we are fighting for a definition of a word

And I’m sorry for offending your guild @Kinokan


It even says the past tense and past participle is spoonfed. If you just looked closer you would’ve realized that. Instead you were kind of rude.

Well it’s not my fault @Kinokan didn’t put a hyphen in the word! I actually thought the word was pronounced “spoon-fd”

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