I really need suggestion for team-building

Hi. This is my first topic and English isn’t my mother tounge so I’m sorry in advance if this topic is hard to understand :sob:
I’ve played Disney Heroes Mode for a while but I just got back to the game after years. I really don’t know anything about team-building like which heroes should be pair together. I just pair 5 strongest in power
So I can’t finish the Hard City Watch and only pass stage 3 of Epic City Watch :(( and I has trouble advance in the game.
This is my heroes, I would be extremely apreciate if you guys can help me and tell me some tips for better team-build
Thank you so much

What´s your main language? (Mine isn´t english either)
I´m not super good at the game so I can´t give really good advice, sorry :P
But here are some people who are pretty good at the game so, yeah, I thonk someone else can help you :)

I’m Vietnamese ^^ So Vietnamese is my first language.
I’m just really suck at strategy and team-building :sob::sob:


If you post all the characters screenshot wise and sorted by power, it would be the best way for us to see how you can help you :-). And by all characters I mean all characters.

Your heroes are old and very weak.
There is a table of top heroes. Find her. Writing which heroes to swing just all do not fit) Screenshot_20210527_231343_com.discord|690x318

Hiro and Merida are great still.

Speaking of hiro, hiro has the wrong disk.

Here is the original Link to the Tier List made by Bendy

And here is the Tier List made by Musketeer

Both can help you know which heroes are good or can become good.

Recomiendo a cinco que son : alegría ya que ella sube vida a todo el equipo, tristeza ya que ella silencia,wasabi ya que hace daño, desagrado anula ataques y temor pone escudos y hace daño también ese uso y gano

Con Dash en el meta no recomiendo los escudos debido a su alto daño y el hecho de que su disco de Violeta incrementa el daño contra los escudos (y peor con su habilidad roja desbloqueada)

I would say:
Merida = awesome damage and speed up
Timon and pumba = makes heroes hard to kill
Goofy = excellent speed up and friendship shield
Baymax = very good shielding
Merlin = turn team into squirrels and quick energy gain

I think you’re living in 2019s. That team would have been good when Goofy was in Meta. But Now No :sweat_smile:
But now…

  • Merida → Damage isn’t good.
  • Goofy → The friendship disk giving shield is good if you want to invite Dash and Shan to the party :wink:
    The Preferred disk of goofy is Jessie one.
  • Merlin → He is now good with Chef but not too decent. But sometimes Conversion could be annoying.:laughing:
  • Baymax → Good character, Decent with Maxed RS Or with High SP, But again Dash and Shan exists. slinky is a better one for shields BTW.
  • T&P → They are decent choice. Just their RS is bugged.

Im trying to use characters that he has to win
Its easier to upgrade high leveld heroes than starting with scratch.

But out of the ones you can see you didn’t exactly choose the most applicable.

The pictures are out of order so the second page has their stronger heroes…

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