I think system formerly deputy launch pad should be permanently chat banned for spamming


if any of you all think system should be banned completely from global chat say I


he is spamming again and again countless times after time


Report him in game, and then block him and you will no longer see his posts


Screenshot_20180903-173908_Disney%20Heroes look he is doing it again ahhhhh


But i think he should be permanently chat banned for spamming


Whenever system is permently sielinced he just makes a new account this is a huge issue and really needs to be fixed.


He keeps getting perma silenced, then he makes a new account


Dang, how many devices does he have? I haven’t encountered him in Server 7, which server is he in?


I found him twice in Server 4, with different accounts (one was formerley “Hero Nemo”) I wish they could just ban his device


He is most likely using an emulator with a masked or changing IP address running a script



We had it on Server 7 earlier as well


Wait a minute how many accounts does this guy flipping have


What?! Either he’s invisible to me or I don’t notice him at all. He never stops. It’s just trolling and scaming :unamused:


Hi 1234567891011121314


Who are you talking about?


I hate system as well…I agree with ALL of you. He should really stop spamming…but he won’t Ik how many accounts he has he goes on every server and does it that’s how many accounts he has maybe…


Yeah, system should get silenced on every account! So that way he cannot play anymore! So we can have a normal chat.


I saw him multiple times in my server. He needs to be silenced permanently


Cannot be silenced perm unfortunately… just dont follow the link