I want a good team!

Of my purple ranked characters (below) what characters would make a good team for Chapter 9.

Miss Piggy, Ian, Lock, Shock and Barrel, Felix, Frozone, Anger, Calhoun, Zerg, Eeyore, Randall, Flynn (Tron), Mickey, Simba and Nala, Finnick, Ducky and Bunny, Ralph, Jack Sparrow, and Vanellope.


The horror of the mispelling!

Anyways, I suggest Zurg, since he is very good for campaigns. But for easy wins you can also use Ian, Randall, or Ducky & Bunny.

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What about the two other empty slots for characters?

I think I will suggest:

Yeah, your first 4 from those should be Ian, LSB, Randall and Mickey (not amazing, but you don’t have many support options).

The 5th is up to your preference - None of the remaining heroes are top tier

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