I want to permanently delete my account

The amount of money I have spent on this game is insane and it’s not even fun anymore. Just the same never ending grind. I quit once before and thought I was fine and for a while I was but it drew me back. I figure if I can somehow permanently delete my account I won’t have the motivation to come back. Is there anyway I can do this?


Honestly I don’t know

You can ask PerBlue to do so.
(from ToS 14. Termination and Modification)

Deletion . You may delete Your Game account at any time, for any reason. Email PerBlue at legal@perblue.com, subject: Delete my account.

However couldn’t you have a fun as a f2p player ? If you leave here, that is a pity for me.

Oh, well if you do leave then good bye.

My issue is being tempted by deals. I guess if I can’t stop myself I at least need a budget.

I am a F2P player in this game. And you can buy some stuff if u want or you can be a F2P player.

No. I need to put my foot down.

Oh I see.

Up to you what you do, but yeah I hope you have for the most part had a good time while you have played and wish you the best of luck for your future :-).

I know you are a wise person. I agree with your decision. Good luck!

I may stick around longer but my spending needs to become minimal

I see and fair :-).

If so I recommend trying to build up anti-meta characters as they don’t lose their main usefulness to power creep as much, so that you have characters that last longer in usefulness than chasing after the newest characters. Probably also good to try and keeping up with just a team of 5-15/20 characters depending on how many you can keep up with at one.

I don’t know how interested you are in the story content, but yeah hopefully the story content can be a reason for you to still enjoy the game :-).

I and we all welcome a modest player afresh, @Benny_Boi_VIII ! :slight_smile:

Being F2P…as large profit…U can quit whenver u want…But One who have spended, hurts them…as they have spend their real money.
U can enjoy your game being f2p too…Hoard stamina…And spend them in events…

I’m thinking of going full Mulan team since them seem to be the most ridiculous characters

Could be an option, though there are newer characters such as King Louie and Evil Queen damage wise so could be an idea to for them, but yeah up to you and Mulan herself should still be a good idea :-).

Still, a Mulan team should be good and wish you the best of luck :-).

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If you want to have your account deleted, please submit a support ticket in the game and we can do that for you.


My account is officially gone. Farewell everyone.

Adios amigo

I see, but yeah wish you the best of luck in life Benny_Boi_VIII :-).

Just so we are clear I can’t come back in say 3 months asking for my account to be restored right?

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