"I will prevail!" | FE3H Concept Series #4 - Edelgard von Hresvelg

Hey, everyone! Here’s the 2nd of my 3 house leader concepts for Fire Emblem: 3 Houses!

Source: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Description: Leader of the Black Eagle house who won’t hold back against anyone to achieve her goals.

Quote: “I’ll strike you down!”

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Blue

Entrance: Edelgard walks to her position, axe in hand.

Victory: Spins and twirls her axe around.

Defeat: Falls to her knees and plants her axe in the ground in defeat.

Basic attack: Edelgard swings her axe at an enemy.

White - Victorious Axe (Normal Damage)
Edelgard swings her axe at the closest enemy, dealing X damage to them. Her attack speed is then increased by 100% for 5 seconds.

Green - Lightning Axe (Fantastic Damage)
Edelgard strikes at nearby enemies, dealing X damage plus 30% of her reality.

Blue - Raging Flames (Fantastic Damage)
Edelgard launches a cart of explosives at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage per second and removing Y basic damage from enemies in an area for 10 seconds.

Purple - Raging Storm
If Edelgard successfully KO’s an enemy with “Lightning Axe” or “Raging Flames”, the remaining cooldown for that skill is reduced to zero seconds.

Red - Twin-Crest Power (Normal Damage)
Every 3 basic attacks, Edelgard deals X bonus damage and Silences those she damages for 6 seconds.
While Edelgard has the attack speed buff from “Victorious Strike”, she also heals herself for 30% of the damage she does with her basic attacks.
+X Skill Power
+X Reality
+X Basic Damage removed with “Raging Flames”

Edelgard/Queen of Hearts
Campaign: “Reign of Terror” - Edelgard learns of the Queen of Hearts’ style of ruling and finds herself both interested and conflicted. (Allies: Kida, Jasmine, Evil Queen)

Disk: “Royal Treatment” - Longer Speed Boost After “Victorious Axe”
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
The duration of the attack speed buff from “Victorious Axe” is increased by 1 second (+1 second per star).

Campaign: “Demigod Discovery” - Edelgard hears of Hercules’ superhuman strength and wishes to learn more about it and how he got such powers. (Allies: Maui, Genie, Tia Dalma)

Disk: “Strength in Numbers” - Shorten Invincibility Buffs on Enemies
+X Armor
+X Reality
The duration of invincibility buffs on enemies is decreased by 0.6 seconds (+0.6 seconds per star).

Alternate Costume: Post-Timeskip Outfit


  • Victorious Axe is pre-timeskip Edelgard’s weapon in Heroes which grants her a follow-up attack when she is around more enemies than allies (hence the attack speed boost).
  • Lightning Axe is a Combat Art Edelgard can learn in 3H that does bonus damage based on her Res (hence the bonus damage based off of Reality).
  • Raging Flames is Edelgard’s personal Gambit in 3H that weakens opponents (hence tha basic damage reduction) and afterwards sets the area around its activation point on fire, doing damage to enemies in that area at the start of each turn (hence the DoT).
  • Raging Storm is Edelgard’s exclusive Combat Art that allows her to move again after attacking (hence the skill cooldown reduction to 0).

Twin-Crest Power refers to the fact that Edelgard actually has 2 Crests: the Crest of Seiros and the Crest of Flames.

The Crest of Flames occasionally restores HP (hence the healing while the attack speed buff is active) and prevents counterattacks (hence the Silence every 3 basic attacks).

Both Crests occasionally increase the damage from certain attacks (hence the bonus damage every 3 basic attacks).

Hope you enjoy!

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