Ideas and feedback

@polaris and crew: first thanks for improving invasion rewards and game play more then what it was (still like when invasion first was introduced the most, but understand from a business perspective it was too much for you to just hand out to a player, so understand a middle point start at least). With that said here some ideas and feedback overall for game…

  1. Can we see total team power when we click on a player in vip or global ? Be very useful tool for recruiting . See example…

  2. Can we update guild perks including contest Guild perks (the orange one) more frequently … believe there is only one left on server 2 for the contest perks.

  3. Can you start to introduce red juices and red coins to the ports? I believe at this stage in the game it’s overdue.

  4. Maybe can turn the fountain into an underground secret hideout for a training area where you send a hero and as long as they there they can’t be played in any other game mode. During this time of “training” can earn xp for leveling up on its own with the longer there the more xp earns with a cap of maybe for a day, and could have a rare chance of earning a full badge needed (can spend gold or gems or money for a better chance of said badge chance or some other new item).

  5. Add a place where friends can send stuff to one another like a guild help shop kinda concept.

  6. Reduce the cap limit from 10 to minus five below for guild help.

  7. Allow hero chips and red skill chips in guild help.

  8. Maybe , though the other ones mentioned I think are more open to the community then this one, maybe increase guild sizes to be able to fill in all war cars to give war a little variants. As a result of bigger guild sizes, can also then increase checkin rewards as well to include maybe +5 vip belts, 1 badge crate or some other crate, etc

  9. Can there be some kind of icon to indicate if a player has been banned or not? This way people that are friends with said people or in guilds know they are banned.


Maybe a mod upgrade donation as well?

Lol U know whats the funny, The guy Whom u have added in the post on photo with pan icon is in my guild, recruited him today.

Btw Agree with all


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