Ideas for Hero Refreshes

Last time we’ve been asked who should be refreshed and the poll won Robin Hood, personally I do think Mike should win, and Kevin after him.

Kevin Flynn


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP (+40%)
  • Increased Basic Damage (+30%)
  • Increased Skill Power (+20%)


Power Cleanse
Flynn merges with the game code, cleansing negative status effects from his allies while dealing damage to all enemies.

  • Increased damage by 50%
  • Grants allies 1 stack of hardy

Weakest Link
Flynn’s algorithm searches for the weakest character currently in combat. That character is restored health if it is an ally, or dealt damage if it is an enemy.

  • Increased damage by 50%
  • Increased healing by 50%
  • If the target was an ally, it also grants invincibility for 5 seconds to the target

Data Shield
Flynn augments an ally, granting them a shield for up to 7 seconds.

  • Increased duration of shield to 10 seconds
  • Gives 2 stacks of hardy to an ally

Admin Privileges
Flynn attains admin access, granting him immunity from disables, and granting his allies reality.

  • Immunity to all debuffs
  • Increased reality for allies by 50%
  • Grants also armor by the same amount as reality

(Red skill unchanged)

Kevin’s disks

From Quorra

  • Increased skill power (+200%)
  • Shield HP 40% --> 50% per star
  • Chance to avoid disables 20% --> 20% per star (up to 100%)

From Baymax

  • Increased heal (+50%)
  • Starting Energy 50 --> 100 per star
  • [New] When allies don’t have any negative effects on them their basic damage is increased by 5% per star

Mike Wazowski


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP (+60%)
  • Increased Basic Damage (+50%)
  • Increased Skill Power (+50%)


Sonic Belch
Mike eats his microphone and then belches, doing damage to all enemies.

  • Increased damage by 100%
  • When Mike damaged scared enemy it will lose 2 positive statuses with the longest remaining time
  • Triggers faster

Canister Toss
Mike throws a scream canister at the closest enemy, scaring them and all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.

  • Now it scares all enemies
  • Duration of scare increased to 10 seconds
  • Additionally silences the enemies for 6 seconds

On A Roll
Mike rolls across the battlefield dealing damage to all enemies.

  • Increased damage by 200%
  • Removes 200 energy from enemies, 500 energy if the enemy was scared.

Fight or Fright
When Mike damages a scared enemy, he also stuns them for 3 seconds.

  • Duration of stun increased to 5 seconds
  • When Mike damaged enemy which is stunned he will heal himself by X HP

[NEW] Comedian’s show
Mike’s basic attack silences the enemy for 5 seconds.
Each time an enemy is silenced by any source Mike’s skill power increase by X.

Silence has a chance to fail against target above level X.

Mike’s disks

From Sulley & Boo

  • Increased skill power (+300%)
  • Increased stun length 30% --> 40% per star
  • Increased energy gain on scared enemies 30 --> 40
  • [New] Scared enemies lose their basic damage 10% per star

From Jack-Jack

  • Increased basic damage (+300%)
  • Increased speed attack 5% --> 10% per star
  • [New] Mike’s allies’ reality is increased when they are scared 10% per star

I really hope these become real someday… Anyways

What do you refer by this? Pardon my ignorance if it’s pretty clear.

Oops, not enemies but allies :zipper_mouth_face:

I really like this. The only thing I’d argue is that the starting energy of Baymax’s disk doesn’t have to be changed, really. At max, the starting energy is 250 and that is just good enough on auto. Any more than that and he might use his cleanse far too soon.



Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP (+50%)
  • Increased Basic Damage (+40%)
  • Increased Skill Power (+40%)

Lollipop Slammer
Uses her glitch to become untargetable and teleport into the middle of her enemies. She slams her candy hammer, dealing damage to all enemies near her, then teleports back behind her allies.

  • Increased damage by 150%
  • Increased splash area of attack by 100% (300 --> 600)
  • [New] Reduce reality of damaged enemies by 50% for 12 seconds

Soda Geyser
Combines the power of mint and soda to shoot a massive spray of soda at her closest enemy, dealing damage. The corn syrup slows their movement speed by 25% and their attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds.

  • Increased damage by 60%
  • Increased strength of slows: 25% --> 50%
  • Increased duration of slow: 3s --> 10s
  • [New] This attack deal 100% more damage to already slowed enemies

Minty Fresh
Launches a minty cannon ball at the furthest enemy, dealing damage.

  • Increased damage by 60%
  • [New] Stuns damaged enemy for 6 seconds

Sharing is Caring
All of Vanellope’s basic attacks, “Soda Geyser” and “Minty Fresh” gain splash damage.

  • Increased damage by 30%
  • [New] Spreads disables from main target to enemies which were damaged by splash damage
  • [New] Vanellope gains 1 point of reality negation per skill level: starts with 30 (at level 180: skill level is 140, so Vanellope gains 170 reality negation all together)

Racing Ahead
Vanellope prefers to target slowed enemies with “Soda Geyser.” When she damages a slowed enemy with “Soda Geyser”, nearby enemies also have their attack and movement speeds slowed by 75% for 11 seconds.

Whenever Vanellope damages a slowed enemy, she gains 150 energy.

  • Remove level restrictions for slows

Vanellope’s disks

From Dash

  • Increased basic damage (+250%)
  • Increased damage dealt against slowed enemies; 60% at max --> 150% at max; 30% per star
  • [New] While slowed enemies lose 10% of their reality (+10% per star)

From Merida

  • Increased skill power (+250%)
  • Increased damage dealt from ‘‘Minty Fresh’’; 25% --> 50%; 10% per star
  • [New] ‘‘Minty Fresh’’ steals 1 buff and removes all other buffs from the target (+1 stolen for herself buff per star)

This refresh was designed to help Vanellope be more competitive with newer toons which have much more powerful slows, creates stuns (other damage role heroes) and help Van with her low reality negation, which prevents her from dealing any damage. Push disks to a new era. And finally, boost her very weak ‘‘Lollipop Slammer’’ skill.

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This is great! But I feel it would be a little too much powerful, especially since she got that red skill.
Specifically, her green skill doesn’t need THAT poweful slow with the red skill. Her white skill can’t be interrupted in any way, so more damage, bigger area and reality remotion together would be too OP. And that Dash disk… total reality negation on slowed enemies is ridiculous, considering how powerful slows are nowadays. Even someone like Yax would make fantastic damage dealers nearly unstoppable, leave alone others like Stitch and Pooh

But other than that, I love it!

Hum… .

Like Phaldow said I think some of the increases might be a bit too much given how good her Red skill is, but of course for Vanellope’s base stats they need to be increased considering that her base performance overall is so low, especially without the Red skill unlocked.

I wonder, just to ask have you tried to get the numbers from what the stat increases represent in the overall damage output, or have you more so just assigned what you felt would be good? No worries if you haven’t checked specifically, just thought it could be good to do to check that the damage increase is at least somewhat good :-).

I am not that good at balancing as I don’t have that much experience with it, so not sure what to exactly say on what the best changes would be. What she need the most is likely HP, as to say survivability chance, unless she is meant to be a glasscannon as otherwise while I am not sure a bit more than 50%+ might be nice.

Lowered to 50%.
But I don’t think I need to remind how Pooh slows enemies.
Plus how Animal, Goofy and few others in second side counters all slows.

75% was designed to act similar like Jafar’s slow, single-target tough slow.

So far, this skill deals lowest damage (not counting Ralph and Rex’s roars), it’s definetly needs a lot of love.
And reality… so many buffers, so not many heroes which reduces it, only 2, and only with help of disk/red skill.
It could make Vanellope quite unique and useful.

Reality lose down to 50% (max).

And due to not effective reality negation her damage is low, if low numbers weren’t enough :expressionless:

She never was, always was the one with low damage and poor stats.

Back to reality negation problem, after tests, it doesn’t helped that much as I wished, her active is terrible and sometimes bugged; doesn’t deal damage to close enemies of the target.
It’s better but far from being ok.


Improvment for the side of other game modes.


Powerful Pull
Gizmoduck uses his telescopic arm to pull the enemy with the most skill power to him, dealing damage and studying them.

  • Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds from 15 seconds
  • This skill will study all enemies

Calculated Move
Every time an enemy is studied, Gizmoduck gains armor for the rest of the wave.

  • Gizmoduck also gain X reality when ally KO studied enemy.

Gaggle of Gadgets
When Gizmoduck uses “Signal Boost,” allies in front of Gizmoduck gain a shield equal to a percent of his armor. When Gizmoduck reaches a threshold of his max HP, allies are healed for a percent of Gizmoduck’s armor over time.

  • Increased HP of shield
  • Shield is given to all allies
  • Increased healing done 200% —> 300% of Gizmoduck’s armor
  • Increased skill power, HP and armor from Additional Stat Boosts


The biggest priority, however, is studying all enemies on blue skill.

On-KO effects are pretty much useless, though, and that feels kind of weird to have in his skillset. Why not grant allies energy whenever an enemy is studied?

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Improvments for Basil


Given to him theoretically good damage is good, yet not enough for any hero to make them good. Basil lacks of any defence support from his skills - dodge has way too long CD. White skill can be interrupted without a problem. Putting him next to latest added heroes - Jumba, Pleakley and Mulan makes him mediocre just like King Louie. His other problem is that disk are limited to almost no situation and needs rework.


Good Deduction

  • Reduced cooldown from 15 down to 5 seconds


As said 100’s times, silence isn’t used by any meta or much heroes in this game, and this disable doesn’t have the longest durations which make it extra short with tenacity, or totally blocking it with evasion, hardy stacks or hero’s skills. Making it work on all disables will make this disk very unique and helpful against heavy CC teams.

From Randall

  • Allies gain basic damage during any active disable on them instead only with silence; this bonus also stays on the hero for 5 seconds after disable
  • Allies gain HP per second while any disable is active on them instead of only silence
  • Reduced healing per second at 5* down to 5% from 8%

@Polaris, please send this further, he desperately needs those changes.




Base Stats

Increased Max HP (+60%)
Increased Basic Damage (+70%)
Increased Skill Power (+40%)


Rex charges through enemies dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

  • Increased damage by 200%
  • Enemies with shields gets stunned for 6 seconds, this ignores tenacity.

Mighty Roar
Rex roars, dealing damage and silencing enemies for 6 seconds.

  • Increased damage by 1000%
  • Increased duration of silence to 10 seconds
  • This skill now removes from enemies shields

Dino Might
Rex headbutts nearby enemies, dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

  • Increased damage by 300%
  • Activated skill will grants Rex 10 armor negation for the remainder of the wave, this can’t be stolen and removed by enemies.

Shield Eating Dinosaur
Rex deals extra damage to Shielded enemies.

  • Increased damage against shields by 500%
  • Rex receives 10% less damage per shielded enemy on the battlefield

Terrifying T-Rex
Rex gains 8 Crit Damage per buff he has. Timed buffs on Rex also don’t expire as long as he has at least 1 non-KO’d ally.

The first time each wave when Rex would be KO’d, he instead cleanses all debuffs from himself, activates “Stampede,” and heals HP.

  • Increased crit damage from buffs to 10
  • Increased healing from reviving by 50%
  • Increased crit damage, armor and reality stats


From Woody

  • Increased attack speed 25% --> 50%
  • Increased damage by allies against shielded enemies by 500%
  • This disk now reduces damage dealt by shielded enemies by 7% per star
  • This disk will now grants Rex and his allies SP per disk level

From Mike

  • Increased HP gain by 300%
  • Increased damage reduction 15% --> 20%
  • This disk will now grants Rex and his allies armor negation by 5 per star
  • This disk will now grants Rex HP and armor per disk level

This is great!
I’d just say the green should not remove shields, because since enemy shields would make Rex stronger, Idk if that would work in his skillset

It will be good for big amount of stacked and bulky shields on enemies.

Hector Barbossa

Base Stats

Increased Max HP (+50%)
Increased Basic Damage (+50%)
Increased Skill Power (+70%)


Scan The Horizon
Barbossa pulls out his spyglass and Studies all enemies in front of him. Enemies remain Studied for 9 seconds. Barbossa also gains 400% increased attack speed for 6 seconds.

  • Increased duration of Study to 13 seconds
  • Increased duration of speed buff to 10 seconds
  • This skill will now also reduce armor on all enemies

Apple Of Me Eye
Barbossa eats an apple, healing and gaining 250 energy.

  • Increased healing by +50%
  • Increased energy gain to 400
  • This skill will now remove all negative effects from Barbossa

Chain Shot
During his basic attack, Barbossa replaces every 3rd cannonball with a chain shot that does damage and slows the target’s attack speed by 90% for 1 second.

  • Increased damage by 100%
  • Increased strength of slow to 100%
  • Increased duration of slow to 2 seconds

Hot Shot
During his basic attack, Barbossa’s normal cannonballs are now heated, causing them to do bonus damage over 3 second

  • Increased damage by 50%
  • If the target was studied their active buffs will be removed

Unquenchable Appetite
“Apple of me Eye” also grants Hector Barbossa 5 stacks of hardy.
Damage over time effects from Hector Barbossa or allies deal 75% more damage against studied enemies.

  • Increased damage against studied to 100%
  • Increased stat boosts by ~50% each


From Tia

  • Increased basic damage from disk level by 1000%
  • This disk will now also remove armor on studied enemies scaled by disk level
  • Increased duration of study at the start of the wave to 15 seconds
  • Studied enemies now lose normal crit, 12 per star

From Stitch

  • Increased skill power from disk level by 1000%
  • This disk will now also remove armor and reality on slowed enemies; scaled by disk level
  • This disk now increase damage over time on slowed enemies by 20% per star
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