Ignore This - Bug already reported in another thread

The Delay Sabotage is very broken in guild war, and is especially broken when used on Fairy Godmother (FGM). Essentially, the delay sabotage makes it so FGM is not targetable and therefore you cannot attack her at all. All you can do is heals and shields, but no attacks at all. However, FGM can still attack you. Therefore, you lose every single time because the time either runs out if you are at least able to heal yourself the whole battle, or she is able to defeat all of your toons because you cannot attack her at all. Please fix this bug as it is making Guild war ridiculous and lots of people were wasting attacks on a single FGM before realizing FGM is broken with a delay sabotage attached to her.

This has already been reported

Please check the Known Issues threads before starting a new topic to avoid duplication - thank you

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Yeah, I shall delete mine as I have never posted here before and didn’t see that until after I had posted. Sorry!

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