I'm not a fan of nerfs but

Why is Quorra the best tank in the game? Now I’ll be honest, I am not sure WHAT needs to be done with her to balance everything, but I am sure something does need to be done to her. I am not a fan of nerfs because people put time and effort into a character only for it to be useless later (looking at you Felix) but what do you guys think?

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Quorra is damage, not tank, hence why she’s so powerful


Yeah she is strong and deals a hell out of damage. Pretty much every strong teams has her in their line up. Still doesn’t mean that you can’t counter her.

There are other op herors like Moana, Ursulla, Scar and others. If you start nerfing Quorra they should get nerfed as well. But I think they still will be very strong unless you cripple them totally.

The better approach to this: Instead of nerfing strong and nearly overpowered Heroes. Just let them be and make other weaker heroes stronger. You can easily make a tierlist depending on which heroes are being used in the top three leagues. The heroes who are rarely get used or aren’t used at all need clearly a rework. In my opinion this is the better solution instead of nerfing.

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She is in every Arena line up. There is no other character in every lineup. There is a handful such as Walle, Male, Tia, Calhoun, Violet and Woody. But they are all mixed and matched. Quorra is always in the group.

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Not really. Currently only two teams in the top 5 in my league on my server use quorra (platinum 2, server 5). So it is managable even without quorra. As I said before. You can counter her pretty well. Not only with your own quorra.

Guessing you mean Moana & Ursula…


There is currently no hard counter to quorra. A wall-e l, Woody, Tia, quorra team can litterally take out any other team set up within seconds.

Is Vaiana a new character? Lolol


Moana is called Vaiana in Germany and in some other countries too. As far as I know, it was due to a problem that the name moana is already taken from an adult actress or something like that

Quorra was already “nerfed” back in October.
See the note after Scar’s skills
She was beautiful to see her just ride through everybody.
(Even when it was your own team she was obliterating)
After that update, not so much.

Just like when folks complained about Moana (Vaiana) being too strong. You just have to figure out her weakness. Actually, Quorra is a great counter to Moana.

@Polaris It’ll be great if you can set Quorra back to her original level, at least on the servers that are 90 and above. That’ll be a sight to see.
I say let Quorra, be Quorra!

Sadly, Polaris is just a Community Manager, he’s not a Developer.

They made that nerf because of Quorra’s deadly range. Look at the quote. (I know this happened a long time ago, October 17, 2018, to be specific, but I’m just pointing it out)

To simplify it:

“Quorra’s White Skill, an AoE (Area of Effect) Skill, was meant to bring down Tanks, since she is a frontline Damage. The only problem with her White Skill, is that, she can target the whole team with enough knockback. To counter that, we decided to decrease her range to decrease the chances of that happening.”

Theoretically, she can still hit the whole team, assuming you knocked back the enemy team enough for Quorra to use her White Skill.

Nerfs need to happen.
Game is currently dominated by 8 heroes.
Baymax, Wall-e, Tia, Scar, Maleficent, Moana, Quorra and Ursula.
It’s getting boring quite frankly.

Whenever a Hero gets released, there’s bound to be a Nerf.

I am using none of those Heroes. I’m currently upgrading WALL-E so I could use him someday. Back to the nerfs…

I understand 7 of them to be candidates for nerf, but why WALL-E?

We don’t need downgrades, we need upgrades.
For example. It would have been nice that these new costumes they released actually provided the heroes with new abilities or powers.
If Elastigirl’s new outfit gave her shield or curse protection or some other thing she cannot do on her own or with the disk. Something outrageous, now, that would be worth.

And, actually, I don’t know if Polaris is an actual person to begin with or just part of Skynet’s :smile:

I looked at the top 30 in my server 1 plat 2 arena and 85% of the heroes used were the 8 previously mentioned.
Fair enough you don’t use them and it’s commendable that you’re trying to build a team outside of the box but the reality is you’re an isolated case that doesn’t prove anything.
As to your point regarding wall-e I tend to agree that of the 8 he needs the least nerfing or perhaps none at all.

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