I'm sorry, but it had to be said

@Polaris and Perblue I have a request…

I know this has been requested multiple times, but it is starting to get on some players nerves…

Problem: Some of these contests are a little biased, Like the one we have now… Not everyone has epic city watch… It is hurting some players and driving others away. Why have contests that are dedicated to specific ranks if it is driving away your player, thus lowering your funds?

Solution: This is quite simple: please just make contests friendly and targeted towards all players :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It keeps players and makes it so you don’t have to drastically change contests!

Please read @Polaris and spread it to the team… It is not a “Do this or it will be an uprising!” like the original players who were rudely forcing Kim refresh, just a “Hey, I have a suggestion. Would you mind considering?” Thank you for this game and all of your time and patience.

Your forumer,


I agree. I think this shares most of the points in this post:
PB has established a barrier (Also, my resignation to the game)
And I agree with this. Please



And even if people unlock epic… doesn’t mean they can get pass like wave 3 bc don’t have all toons yellow or ones they have cant keep up with metas (Because of also a repetitive message, things are too expensive and getting worse with each update. The “proportional” increases aren’t proportional enough). But really this contest has always been about spending gold more than anything else. Good luck all , as a ftp player who agrees with the struggle overall.


Yes please. Don’t listen to people if they’re gonna threaten you, I’d much rather listen to a person saying “Can we please get (insert name)?” instead of “DO THIS NOW OR ELSE!!”

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I agree that it would probably best if the Contest score wasn’t specific to Epic City Watch, not allowing players who don’t have Red yet to get points that way.
The Epic City Watch scorer tend to be really helpful, so it is too bad players who don’t have Red yet can’t take a part of that.

While I will say that Badge contest giving points only to Purple badge bits and up is kind of unideal for the newest players, but Purple is reacted within a few days if the player is active, so not really as much of an issue. As far as the Badge contests they are Guild contests, so the guild will likely carry the newer players.


As far as City Watch mode wise goes I can at least say that Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn disk can be really helpful in City Watch and lets you stack energy bars, basically stacking White skill attacks 2 times.
You can also make sure that all your best characters have 2 White attacks ready later in City Watch, by switching in an out characters in the beginning as in basically saving up White attacks for later.

While less necessary probably, but still really helpful in City Watch is Sulley with his Woody disk as it heals up the team to full at the end of every battle, so yeah this means that you always start with full health at the start of fight :-).

I generally always have Wall-E and Sulley in my City Watch team if I can, since they overall help my chances of beating City Watch which I usually do. I rarely aren’t able to beat City Watch, even if it may take me 10+ retries to beat a late stage I am stuck on.
So yeah, thought I give some City Watch tips as well as why not :-).


Sorry, but I fear that I low-key disagree with this.

I’ll concede epic city watch points may be to far, but contests literally can never be equal. Older players have expanded their resources. They have more heroes at higher levels and even more energy to work with. It’s not possible to make a contest equal, and at least when I was a new player in a game, I never expected to reach the top in a contest.


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