Important Message About Patch Stats in 4.5-A!

Hey everyone! We are very sorry for the extended downtime for the update today. Our QA team found a problem with Patch stats which we are working to fix. We want to open the game up so you can continue playing while we work on a solution but you should know that the stats for Patch are not going to be correct until we release a fix. Unfortunately, this applies to both the display and in combat. Our team is currently working on a fix and we will update you as soon as we have a solution. For now, we appreciate your patience.

The hero refresh stats are live and we have adjusted Cinderella’s stats so she will no longer break combat.


The solution for Cinderella went too far, her disks don’t help anymore and neither do her abilities. I was better before.


So Cinderella was causing the entire game to break and that’s why she’s currently got a nerf, but she will be back in 4.6



First, I’ll go over the skills after refreshing:

Very, Very, Very Good! Now, I can counter Mary’s Hex.
The 2nd Mad Hatter :skull:

This can be a great advantage if there is one last enemy left in the combat

Elsa’s red skill + Yax = OP :skull_and_crossbones:


Decrease Tenacity TIME… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I need some explanation @Nugget 🤷🏻

Mod x4 Purple :skull:

This is the best refresh :heart:


Por favor arreglar los puntajes de la invasión, así como también los premios, no voy a revisar nada esta semana.

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Hola buenas noches

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Are we going to get compensation from the downtime? I had double badges, double gold and double XP going.Free stamina that was missed?

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No compensation


So… Cinderella is now nerfeded???


Wait really? Well, I will have to find that out when the time comes

Very normal, can’t even get up from O0 → O1 (S23)


It’s off topic for this as we’ve already said we will not be having a compensation. Other players are the one’s flagging your posts.


Yup, she’ll get some buffs back in 4.6!


We think things are ok for now, but I’ll be checking in throughout the night so if anything comes up that looks sketchy let us know!


You’re welcome to stop playing. We had to have a 2hr downtime to fix issues and this was for everyone. This was not a long time. There is no need for a compensation for a 2hr downtime.


I don’t think it’s necessary, it was just a bit of resistance and extra time, nothing more.

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Well, I’m a glad to hear that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you guys. Let 2023 be the greatest year for you, your staff, and this game. Enjoy your lovely winter break and hope everything goes as planned during that time


If you lost items in the 2hr downtime that we can track on your account and you’re polite to support they may be able to help you retrieve those lost items, but we’re not doing a compensation. If you’re not polite to my team and demand items back in an aggressive way, you may not be able to get those items back.


Is it not possible to pause timers when the server isn’t running?

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