Impossible Friendships


I see that Jack Sparrow has improved a lot, but sometimes he’s becoming a problem. Maybe it is impossible to accomplish a Merida-Elastigirl friend mission when there is someone like Jack Sparrow who can sweep your team in just one use of his white skill. I only have three heroes (Merida, Wall-E, and Elastigirl) on level 2 and I have no tank to block Jack’s white skill. Is there a way with this or I have to switch with Merida-Chief Bogo friendship? Please help!


I unlock their disc before the boost of Jack Sparrow so I have no idea how hard it has become. In my opinion, the disc with Elastic girl is better for Merida because later it can combine with other (like Olaf disc with Moana) for deadly result in battles.

Could you please clarify your Elastic Girl and Merida level and rarity? My Merida was O0 and EG was P4 at the time. I solely used them to complete this friendship but then again it was before the boost


I’m facing Jack Sparrow as an enemy in another campaign with no tank to start. You just have to level them up more. It is possible to beat.


@Yunno My Merida is at P3 Lv75, Elastigirl is at P1 Lv66, and Wall-E is at P0 Lv65. I’m at server 14 so we don’t have an orange rarity.


I unlocked their friendship when past lv 86, you know, after the update patch 1.7.1, so I could beat them easily. I think you should upgrade your heroes more and don’t play it on auto

I had to try a dozen times before I could passed a single fight in Olaf-Moana friendship, so I know, how frustrating and tiring it could get. But believe me, once you pass and eventually complete, it’s all worth it.

Best luck to you, my friend :slight_smile:

P/s: It’s actually lucky for you and your sever that you don’t orange rarity…yet :slight_smile:


It is hard for s14 and s16 with all f disk…
After a certain patch… it will get easier… just be patient…

Btw, even if you switch to bogo, it will be hard as with eg…


Okay, thank you so much for your help! I have finally beaten Jack Sparrow in the friend campaign. What I did is I increased Elastigirl and Wall-E’s level and I added enhancements on Elastigirl’ skill power. Again, thanks thanks thanks! All of you were a great help!


Good for you, mate. I hope you could complete that friendship soon :slight_smile: My advise is that, the minute you unlock friend mission, start doing them so that you don’t have to wait for too long later in the process :slight_smile:


Thanks @Yunno I have plenty of friend missions on queue. I’ll keep that in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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