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Hi! here I will put all my concepts if you wanna check them :grin: :upside_down_face:


Character Damage Support Tank Control Likely/unlikely # Source
Barley :white_check_mark: In game 1st Onward
Della Duck :white_check_mark: likely 2nd Ducktales
Louis, Naveen and Tiana :white_check_mark: likely 3rd The princess and the frog
Fred :white_check_mark: likely 5th BH6
Bob, Kevin and Stuart :white_check_mark: unlikely 6th Minions
Skinner :white_check_mark: likely 7th Ratatouille
Milo Murphy :white_check_mark: likely 8th Milo murphy´s law
Discobot :white_check_mark: unlikely 11th DHBM forums
Miles Morales :white_check_mark: unlikely 16th Spiderman into the spiderverse
22 :white_check_mark: likely 19th Soul
GoGo :white_check_mark: likely 20th BH6

Submission concepts

Character Damage Support Tank Control Likely/unlikely # Source
Granny :white_check_mark: unlikely 12th Ice age 4
Mr Potato Head (btw this was requested by @Commander-Rex too) :white_check_mark: likely 14th Toy story
Spider Ham (btw this was requested by @Commander-Rex too) :white_check_mark: unlikely 22nd Spiderman into the spiderverse

Requested concepts

Character Damage Support Tank Control Likely/unlikely # Source Requested by
Bing Bong :white_check_mark: likely 4th concept Inside out @Defender_Momo_LV
Wasabi :white_check_mark: In game 9th concept BH6 @Commander-Rex
Fozzie :white_check_mark: Leaked. In game soon. 15th concept The muppets @Xavier_The_Great
AUTO :white_check_mark: likely 16th concept WALL - E @Still_Depressed_Fan
The march hare :white_check_mark: likely 17th concept Alice in Wonderland @Grim_grinning_Ghost
Mera :white_check_mark: unlikely 18th concept Ephitet Erased @Wave9Nut

@Gonzo_da-great elimination game winners

Character Damage Support Tank Control Likely/unlikely # Source
Bellwether :white_check_mark: likely 10th concept Zootopia
Little Green Men :white_check_mark: likely 13th concept Toy story

Done Avengers series

Character Damage Support Tank Control Likely/unlikely # Source
Thor :white_check_mark: unlikely 21st concept Avengers universe

Not done

Walter | The muppets |

Uncle Stan | Gravity Falls |

Tamatoa | Moana |

Avengers series

Spiderman | Avengers universe… |

Dr Strange | Avengers universe… |

Rocket | Avengers universe… |

Forumer concepts

Forumer Damage Support Tank Control # Source
TotallyNotDash :white_check_mark: 1 (23rd) DHBM Forums

Friendships campaigns

(Btw, @Commander-Rex is helping me with these things, don´t forget it!)

Concept Companion Campaign name Allies Link #
Fred Mushu Dragon Training Mulan, Sulley & Boo and Animal Fred/Mushu Friendship Camapign 1
Barley Facilier In the cards Yzma, Madam Mim and Genie Barley/Facilier friendship campaign 2

Louis, Naveen and Tiana added

I know I am new making concepts but you can also request me concepts :+1:

How about Bing bong?

great idea! I will start

Bing Bong added

Fred added :dragon:

Bob, Kevin and Stuart added

Skinner added

Milo Murphy added

Wasabi added, also you can request concepts here


Mr. Potato Head - Dr-Doofenshmirtz

Bellwether added also requests are here up :arrow_up:

Discobot added

Granny added

Little Green Men added, and requests are some replies up :arrow_up:

In your Green men/ toy alien concept. Which was great BTW. It said they were a support but on here they are control.

my bad, fixed

thanks! :grin:

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Mr Potato Head added

It looks great rino.

Thanks, I thought that would be better if it’s a bit more organized

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