In-Game practical questions FAQ

This post is a collection of questions I came across while using the Global Chat in-game. I hope that by putting them down here with the right answers might help new players in the future, so they have one central place to look it up. This list is fluid and can be edited at any time to update answers or add to them.

How can I get VIP rings without buying diamonds?

A: VIP rings are also rewarded by completing partner offers. Click the Diamond store button, swipe to the right and view the Fyber and Tapjoy offers. Download some of the games or apps, complete the required task and you’re rewarded diamonds where 20% of that amount is also rewarded in VIP rings.

Is there a Hero with healing reduction skills?

A: At the moment, there are no heroes in the game who can reduce incoming healing on enemies.

Where can I find out what guild ranks do?

A:This is slightly hidden away a bit, especially on larger screens. Head to the guild building, press the i sign next to the guild name. Now use the white arrow on the right side to go to page four where you will find an overview of all the guild ranks and what they do.

How can I silence all these chat notifcations?

A: Head into the chat screen and check the upper right corner of your screen for a small white cogwheel. Here you can set which notifications from which channels you want to receive.

Why can’t people talk to me in private messages before I have friended them, but I can talk to them?

A: This is the same with chat notifications, head to the chat screen and click the little cogwheel. From here you can select whether you want to allow being messaged by people without having to friend them.

How do I contact support?

A: Go to the home screen (where all the buildings are visible) and click on the lower left on your player card. From there you can see the support button. On smaller screens you’ll have to scroll down for it. Press it and check if your questions isn’t answered there already. If that isn’t the case, look for the small chat bubble in the upper right of your support screen and ask your question directly.

Why can’t I see a spar button when I post my heroes?

A: This is because you cannot spar your own team, this is why you can only see the spar buttons of others. But rest assured, your spar button is visible to others, just not to yourself.

Is it true that Jack-Jack can heal himself?

A: This is a common misunderstanding. The skill Jack-Jack has that might be misinterpreted for healing is his bottle skill “Snack Break” in which he drinks and restores 300 energy. This is to recharge his skill bar, not his health!

What is in the VIP crate?

A: The VIP crate contains a higher rate of hero chips and is also cheaper in comparison than the Diamond Crate. Whereas the Diamond crate also offers quite a lot of badge blueprint parts, the VIP crate has a stronger focus on hero chips.

What are those strange “white comets” circling my hero portraits during a battle?
A: These are referred to as “status effects” and affect your hero in one way or another through silence, stun, charm and so on. In fact, if you pause the battle and click the small information sign in the bottom left, you’ll see a chart of all the possible status effects. I’ve added a screenshot for easy access.

I accidentally sent a friend request in trying to learn all the buttons. How do I unsend the request or remove them from my list?

A: Head to the main chat screen and click the little cogwheel in the upper right of your screen. Select the person you don’t want to have in your friendslist and click the big X to remove that person.

Can I use Incredibles mercs for the (Incredibles) event, and does it still count that way?
A: In short; yes. You can use a merc, for example Mr. Incredible, even if you don’t have him yourself, to use him to grant points towards the event.

In the combat status screen there is also curse and study as an effect but they aren’t in the game?
A: This is most likely a new form of attack from a future hero and the latest update has already put the effects into the game itself.

Can we trade heroes, experience drinks, or other items?
A: Currently, there are no options to trade anything between players and it has not been announced to be on the roadmap on future updates either. But stay tuned!


You can add the info that you get exactly 20% in VIP rings of the rewarded diamonds.

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I’ve added it to the answer!

Awesome FAQ :+1:

Will be nice once the forum community is built!


Do we have it written somewhere that offers provide VIP rings? My server 4 account only receives diamonds and not rings while my server 3 account gets both. I contacted support about it because I put money into the server 4 account and they state “not every player of the game will experience the same gameplay and your account is working as it should”. I don’t want to play with everyone getting boosts and bonuses while I’m stuck at my level because I won’t put more money into the game.

I pride myself in being able to find in-game information to share, but alas… I’ve got no details that specifically state “every Fyber/Tapyjoy offer ALSO provides VIP Rings”. I did, however, find this post on Reddit, basically reinforcing the issues you’re experiencing. That some players (primarily in Server 4) don’t receive VIP Rings at all.

I will say this: I played PerBlue’s DragonSoul & any issues regarding the TapJoy offers before would usually fall under their jurisdiction - not PerBlue’s - since they’re a third-party organization. So, I’m not very optimistic in PerBlue compensating these offers when, like you said, you’re still obtaining Diamonds … which sucks :frowning:


Thanks for the help. I’m trying to find out if it is all of server 4 experiencing this.

I’ve added a couple of new questions. If you’ve come across any questions in global chat, drop them here and I’ll edit them in.

Sometimes the game offer glitches and you don’t receive your rewards at all

I have experienced this as well and have reported it to the support team.

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Great FAQ list. Thanks so much!

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When doing offers with a reward of only 1 diamond you don’t always get VIP rings but sometimes you still get 1. (Meaning if you do get a VIP ring for it then you got 100% of the diamond amount for it.)

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That’s good to know, I didn’t even know there were rewards with only 1 diamond.

The 1 diamond rewards are mainly just video ads to watch. Usually all at the bottom of the list.

You get one vip ring per 5 diamond reward… So the 5th video that you watch would award one vip ring

Honestly watching videos are not worth it

Is there any tips on how to use diamonds/coins? Like do I need to save up my diamonds to buy the crates instead of splurging it on buying energy or raids?

It’s a personal choice really Nicole_II, but I prefer to splurge my Coins & Diamonds on items I need from the markets & extra energy to raid more. That way I can gradually work towards my goals.

I’m not a fan of gambling so don’t like Diamond Crates, some players have great luck with them; others don’t. That’s up to you if you want to try your luck there.

One thing to take note of with Diamonds Crates though, is even when when you ‘win a hero’ you might get one you already have; so instead will get chips. Don’t fall into the belief that if you do the buy 10 deal you WILL get a new hero, sadly it doesn’t work that way.


As Razzle_Dazzle said it is a matter of opinion on what’s best to do. I personally prefer to save up for the 10 diamond crates. Mainly since other things they can be spent on are all available in other places or just by waiting for it to replenish. This way I at least have a chance at a new hero. (And there is always one that is only available in the diamond crate.)

The downside to this is that if you already have the hero the reward is less. A 1 star hero costs 10 chips. If you win one you don’t have you get the hero instantly. (It doesn’t even use any chips you might have saved up. Meaning it’s value is 10 chips.) But if you have the hero already you only get some chips. (Reduced from the value of what it takes to get the hero normally.) A 10 star hero only gets 7 chips.

The only other thing I spend my diamonds on are if either of the exclusive diamond/VIP heroes have their chips in the store.

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Thanks for the FAQ. It’s super helpful!:+1:t2:

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I want to ask questions.

  1. How do I clear multiple concurrent missions, what does it even mean?
  2. What is reality? Is it to block fantastic damage???
    Please anwer this and thank you for the faq
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