Infections are just too strong

Honestly, i don’t find these infections fun. It’s tiresome that I need to keep refinishing them, and that they automatically get the levels of my strongest character. And lately, they haven’t (visibly) been decreasing in level after a loss either. I’m being one shot killed by enemies using skill powers an awful lot…

The enemies’ levels decrease by one after each loss (assuming you finish the battle, instead of retreating early). When you’re facing enemies over level 200, going down one level isn’t going to make much of a difference. There were times I’d have to lose the battle a couple dozen times before I finally got the infection weak enough to clear.

(Plan B, though it’s too late for it this weekend: grab an antivirus bundle the next time one’s available; I’ve seen 100 antiviruses for 150 diamonds and 300 for 450 diamonds.)

EDIT: It turns out that their level is lowered even when you retreat; either the person who told me about this trick told me wrong, or something has changed since then.

Wait what is this about the enemies going down 1 level after a loss? Is this only with infections?

Yes; if you fight an infection and lose (without retreating or otherwise ending the battle early), the enemies’ levels will go down one; you can check this on the screen that shows a preview of some of the enemies you’ll be facing. But this only works for infections.

EDIT: It turns out that their level is lowered even when you retreat; either the person who told me about this trick told me wrong, or something has changed since then.


Ok. Thank you. I never knew that

I think it works for retreats too, but yeah

a trick i use is i wait until i have a ton of infections and clear them all at once that way they do not pop up every day and stay on a lower difficulty

Actually infections are easy cuz even though it’s in chapter 13 the enemies are still purple1 and if it is a normal level it turned orange2 or something…so I don’t think infections are hard for me

A way to make them weaker is to retreat. Although u lose 1 stamina, enemies’ level are decreased by 1 or 2 per fight u retreat from. If the infections are at level 170 or higher and they have a red skill, it will be in use. If it goes below 169, it will be removed

U can also work on the heroes that u are using by leveling them up, equipping mods and badges, and if they have a red skill, try to unlock it if u haven’t or upgrade it whenever possible

If you play the game for a long enough time, eventually they will get quite difficult.

When I was told about this trick, I was specifically told that retreating wouldn’t lower their level, and I’m pretty sure I tested it out back then (18 months ago or so?). But I just tried it now, and their level does decrease if you retreat. I stand corrected; thanks.


The trick of losing/retreating used to work but now they stay at level 198 no matter how many times I lose or retreat and with every level I go up the infection gets stronger. I can’t win! Fix this please!

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This will be amended for in the next update and reinfections will no longer spawn.


I just tried a couple of reinfected levels; each time I lost or retreated, the level went down by one, so it’s still working for me. I’d suggest sending a ticket to in-game support to explain what’s going on; also, keep an eye out for antiviruses showing up for sale in the newly-revamped Mega Mart, or (if you want a whole lot of them) as a diamond bundle.

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Use nick wild with his red skill. it will change your world :slight_smile:

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