Ingame Events: September 2021

Give us your feedback on ingame events.

  • What are your favorite in game events that happen on a recurring basis and why?

  • What was your all time favorite event in the time you’ve played Disney Heroes and why?

  • What’s your favorite event from another mobile game that you play and why?


Get more stamina event and triple ports, because they are helpful of course.

If special invasion counts then yes, it gives a lot of good stuff and helps progress quickly.

Double/Triple Port event
Red skill chips from elite campaign
Double skill chips from epic CW

Above :woman_shrugging:t2:

An event where whole server splits into two teams randomly.

Each team has to complete various tasks, after completion of a task the team gains points. After the event team which won gains double amount of listed rewards.

Something like that.


Sorry they are all boring after 3 years.
Make New ones, :slight_smile:
Task Events, guild Events, so much better contests


Contests because they give tons of badge crates :sparkles:

The Christmas events were fun

I wish I could answer

If we are talking purely about actual ‘event’ events, the Prize Wall has been by far the most enjoyable addition to the game for a while. I’ve found other recent events (the Fozzie Trial, Codebase Trial) very boring.

If we include ‘bonus’ events that run for 24h, then Get More Stamina is by far the most beneficial for me in terms of upgrading my heroes.

Contests can sometimes be interesting, and in 6-day format give some decent prizes, but the variety has been lacking and they can be quite difficult to complete.

I’ve been playing for so long that tbh I can’t really think of a good answer :man_shrugging: there have been many I’ve enjoyed, and many I haven’t.

The forum scavenger hunt was good fun, if that counts.

I’ve recently (3 months maybe) started playing Dragon City, and the variety + quality of events there is far superior, in my opinion. We have:

  • Runner - an arcade style Subway Surfer type game where the goal is to collect as much stuff as possible without crashing. Always features unique rewards relevant to progress, both in the game and in another concurrent event.
  • Maze - quite a simple event, but always features different rewards and different strategies to go about completing it.
  • Puzzle - like a themed version of Candy Crush, where the more we play, the more rewards can be unlocked.
  • Fog - a unique version of Maze where the rewards cannot be seen and we must traverse a grid to try to find the best ones.
  • Tower - a tower of rewards we can move up & down in, and must choose the best strategy to get the rewards we’re after.
  • Heroic Race - a long event where we are matched against some other ‘players’ and must complete many in-game tasks in order to win the race and unlock exclusive rewards, with prizes along the way - like a contest but on a very small scale.

All of these events have things in common - a great variety & uniqueness of rewards, often featuring brand new characters - and that they require in-game tasks to be completed in order to ‘play’ the events.

We also have month-long events that run alongside, requiring the collection of specific themed items from different areas of the game (mostly the aforementioned mini-events) in order to get more goodies.

The ‘Premium Pass’ style event there is also much more fairly priced for the variety & quantity of rewards it offers, and always features a brand new, exclusive character.

There’s a lot more going on in that game which is a reason I’ve often been finding myself logging into that rather than DH for the past couple of months :pleading_face: it’s clearly far more established (nearly 2000 characters!) and with probably a much bigger playerbase, but there is definitely scope to consider plenty of their ideas.

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I like:

  • Bonus on Get More Stamina
  • Double Campaign Drops (Normal, less Elite)
  • RS Chips from Elite Campaign
  • Double/Triple Trials (although, these are bad for F2P player, since the cooldown is too long)
  • Double/Triple Port (for XP drinks, which are too low)

Imo it is a combination of Get More Stamina buy bonus and Double Normal Campaign Drops during Fortify the Network. Really eases the deep pressure.

I do like from Pokemon GO a “Spotlight Hour”. In there it is more XP, Candies and Stardust (main progression and currencies) for catching a Pokemon.
In Disney Heroes, I would expect it in the way that activities surrounding a certain hero (levelling up a skill, a mod equipped, disk level, getting some chips etc.) could randomly drop some Hero XP Drinks, Disk or Mod Power or Megabits.

The Olympics one was FUN IMO

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The triple drop port is always a huge help. Especially for the newer team members in our guild. I really like the new prize wall as it’s quite fun and easy for all guild members. It would be Especially nice if you could do a possible double your badge perk. Dragon soul used to do that, meaning when you made a new badge there was a 3% chance you would get an extra badge you just made. That was a huge help with some of the harder badges to be made. Also any word on guild perks level 6 as a ton of guilds have all those maxed out. Thanks for keeping this gem of a game going. Keep up the fantastic job!!

  • The port event and stamina events are my favorite ones, also the new prize wall is amazing if i didn’t have to spend diamonds I would like it to be a daily feature.

  • The anniversary ones, bc we have all types of x2/x3 events so everybody can be happy also free rewards and different kinds of contests.

  • I like the way of other games have weekend events where are more p2w focused and you get newer stuff and during midweek there are throwback events where is more chill and basically this ones serves to new players can catch the old players and the old ones can get extra resources. Also originality and variety is a plus

My favorite event was playing to collect tokens to unlock a character because I wouldn’t have to wast money.

My favorite event was the hero crates and the Prize wall because I can unlock heroes easily.

My favorite event was the Shadow challenge in Sonic dash 2 Sonic boom because when I played as Shadow, He release fire balls whenever he roles to blow up mines or robots.

Red skill chips drop from Elite
Elite X3 hero chip drops
CW X2 red skill chips drop
Buy more stamina
Campaign double drop (elite and normal)
Trial and port X3 drop (X2 is not as helpful as we need much much more resources now)

All these things above are so good as they help me keep up with the game. Especially elite red skill chips. Btw, when can we except it to be back? Soon hopefully

Elite red skill chips drops as It can really help with our red skill

In terms of daily events all of these are useful for the lack of resources we currently have ingame and most of these are good (with the exception of Diamond Crate discounts)

I really liked the challenges, bringing new challenges every week to promote using long forgotten characters for a change. But the repeat at the moment is not that great.

The community day from Pokemon Go is really good, it doesnt require players to spend money to still have fun and have a chance to focus on one Pokemon (Hero) for a few hours / over a weekend.
Could be similar to the Bolt contest at the moment, where instead of getting points, levelling his skills today costs half of the normal gold, or you get double XP using him in campaign fights, etc.
I really like @The_Real_Numi’s idea too:

Thanks :wink: Yes, Pokemon Go’s Community Day style event is something I would like iterated here.

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In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, there’s a recurring event called Dark Visions, wherein you fight a series of bosses that have specific elemental weaknesses and to either physical or magical damage. When you fight these bosses, you are then given points for Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Highest Chain (you can interlace hits from different characters’ attacks to “chain” them and increase their damage multipliers), and other factors.

At the end of each stretch of boss fights is the final boss of each Dark Visions event, who takes equal damage from physical and magical attacks, but still has only one or two elemental weaknesses. Every enemy in the game belongs to some kind of enemy race (Beast, Avian, Human, Demon, Machine, etc.), but these final bosses are often a combination of two uncommon types (e.g. Avian/Undead), and so you need to bring characters and gear specialized for a.) dealing with the elemental weaknesses, and b.) dealing with Avians and Undead or whatever the boss happens to be that month.

After going through the gauntlet and beating the final boss as handily as possible, your total score is then weighted against everyone else’s who participated in the event.

Dark Visions (and, to a lesser extent, the similar Clash of Wills event introduced recently) is enjoyable because it forces you to think outside your auto-pilot box and put together unique combinations of characters and gear to conquer a challenge, while being spurred to tweak your team to be as perfect as possible to compete with everyone else on the leaderboard. And of course, you get very good rewards both as you progress and based on your final leaderboard position when the event ends.

To put it in Disney Heroes terms, it’s like Invasion. But you cannot cheese the fights. And this week, Mama Bot is weak to Lilo & Stitch heroes that use Normal damage. But Mama Bot will clear her debuffs and your buffs every so often. And you have to race to reduce her HP to 0 while taking as little damage as possible, if not taking zero damage, period. And the Invasion Progress rewards would be doubled. And the end-of-week Invasion rewards would basically be our current Invasion Progress rewards, but with some Trial/Port refreshes and Badge Booster Crates thrown in.

Double Drop Days are my favorite, because that means I get to upgrade my Heroes!

Of course, with that being said, I love Triple Drop Days even more :wink:

Double Trials and Docks are also great too, as well as Double Gold in City Watch, though again, Triple Days is where it’s at :wink:

Double Elite Chips and Red Skills in Elite Campaign are fine events, though I prioritize spending my Stamina for Double Drop Days.

Market Discount days are great too, though they’re a hit and miss, considering that they’re great for getting Discounts in the Black Market and Mega Mart, and sometimes, you’ve already hit both places, making Market Discount kind of lame.

It would be nice to see it get a boost in the future, where all shops (e.g. War) get a discount, so it’s not a total bummer of an event.

I really liked how during Christmas, every mode got a huge boost! I got so many hard to harvest Badge Bits in Trials, and I was able to recover the huge amounts of deficit I racketed when I upgraded my Heroes, even being able to finally get to certain thresholds I never got to before!

This is from an MMO I used to play in the summer - every Friday, they had a Double Drop Event running the entire day, allowing players to upgrade their characters easily on those days, especially since they could stack the existing multiplier with other multipliers.

That would be nice if we could also stack multipliers here, you know, there’s a Double Drop Event going on, we use a Double Drop Item, and then we can get 4x the amount of Badges. That would certainly help with the ever increasing Badge Costs/Requirements

Throughout the week, they would also run other recurring events, like Market Discount Day, where furniture and clothing items (amongst other things) weren’t as expensive.

Prize Wall - Rewards are helping the troubles that are upgrading a rank of a hero with energy and Badge Crates. Wish those rewards were given more often

Double Drops - Cut by half the energy cost of some very very hard to make badges. Which is really appreciate it. (But I wish existed a triple drops at this point)

The anniversary events with the double drops in ports trials and campaign. With a very generous special invasion with fan favorite heroes chosen by the community.

Dinner Dash Adventures - Gem Galore and Free gifts giveaway. Mostly the gem galore that helps a lot to get deeper in the game because that is mostly the premium currency giving free to help you get further in the game.

Goosebumps Horrortown - Anniversary/Christmas sales, packs and bundles normally high priced cut by half during those days. Or some special ones with a LOT of stuff by a very low price.

Looney Tunes World of Mayhyem - Regional Events (old format) this give the opportunity to get heroes from a certain category maxed. Gives a lot of the equivalent hero chips for the characters you decide you want, depending of how new they are they give more or less chips compared to other heroes.

Get More Stamina 100%, triple ports, and 3-4x stamina are the best.

I like the Prize Wall, because just like daily tasks, it gives me something to do and has great rewards.

I think an event with tons of hero chips would be cool. Newer servers lack chips. And I like the Community Day mentioned by others. After 5 years, that’s one of the only times I’ll actually play PoGo (it got super boring).

These two things are kind of random, but I do think we need server deals instead of personalized deals (whales shouldn’t get bad deals compared to others) and it would be nice to know ahead of time about bonuses and events. Bonuses we find out when they start… and events aren’t promoted more than a day ahead of time. PoGo sends out a monthly calendar of events and adds event info a few weeks before they start.

I kinda like the war setup in sorescors arena for most part (except the having to fill defenses and register for every war every time). It’s once a week, and three guilds are put up against one another each time. You can attack whatever castle as long as it’s adjacent to one of yours.

Like it because Everyone gets rewards no matter what level they placed (hero tokens, badges, gems etc), just in different amounts based on how you placed and once a week.

Also like how they give some sort of compensation in game stamania with almost every down time thing too :wink:, just saying.

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